How to get Great Testimonials that Convert

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This past week I have had a few discussions about what makes a great testimonial, who needs them and where on earth do you place them on your website. We all want to convince our potential new customers and clients that we are great at what we do and have credibility.

So let’s get right to the point

A great testimonial is one that is result based with feeling.

A testimonial that highlights what a client or customer has experienced with you and your brand in the time you worked together or used your product is what you are ideally looking for. There are many ways to acquire testimonials which are packed with value that reflect your brand but first let’s see who needs them?

Who needs Testimonials?

To be personally honest, I think that every business be it a hairdresser, builder, coach, food franchise or restaurant needs great testimonials.  Let me ask you this questions, would you go to a hairdresser that hasn’t got any good feedback about them? I know I wouldn’t. I like to research who I work with or even buy from. I like to know when I invest my money in someone it reflects what others are saying. If I want a great new haircut and there is a Jenny who keeps getting her named drop on my hairdressers Facebook Page, then guess what, when I book my haircut I want Jenny. And if I have to wait for her, I know I am in safe hands.

Restuarant reviews are so open these days you can leave them just about anywhere, they are actually testimonials of people using that service and sampling the brand. Before I commit to going out for dinner with my girlfriends (its a big deal when you a mum with two kids under 3) I want to be looked after, I want exceptional customer service. If the food is hit and miss that is ok.  I am still willing to give it a go because I want my wine glass full at all times.

Do you see how important it is for everyone who is selling a service or product to have great testimonials, reviews or praise?

Where do you put Testimonials?

There are so many places you can put testimonials and hiding them away on one page is not really serving anyone, let alone you. First of all yes having a dedicated ‘praise’, ‘testimonial’, ‘kind words’ page is great but you also want to showcase it through out your website. Make sure you have your best testimonials on your homepage, services or product pages, your newsletter sign-up page or even your about page. Scatter them throughout all your content and link them back to your dedicated praise page if people need more assurance.

This one is a no brainer if you are offering a product for sale (sales page or landing page) you really must have testimonials. Three to five is the bare minimum for this and more is always better.

If you are just starting out I think a praise page is absolutely fine with just three testimonials of result based feelings of your service or product.

Your Facebook page is another great place to add testimonials of your services and products. Add it to your about page and depending on your settings people can actually rank you and leave feedback.

Overall when you place your testimonials on a page it should reflect what you are talking about. As an example, I offer coaching and consulting they are different services and I have two very different testimonials that come from them so I split them up when they are on my website on to the relevant pages that it serves my reader.

How do you get great Testimonials?

Above all deliver what you promise, provide excellent customer service and quality products. And always deliver 110% to your clients and customers. This will make acquiring these little pieces of gold so much easier to come by.

Here are five ways to get great Testimonials

  1. I offer a feedback form to your clients and customers once you have finished or even while you are still working with them. Ask valuable questions to get the answers you need to showcase results with heart.
  2. Offer people to test your product or services for free in exchange for a testimonial. I have done this with all of my previous products, it gives my product credibility and shows how it can help others and that makes it more enticing for my dream clients to buy it.
  3. Go through your emails (yes an epic job) but would you believe that there are small snippets of people praising you and your work? It can be simple like “Your spreadsheet to start Facebook Scheduling has changed how I think about Facebook, I am no longer stressed out each day thinking what am I going to post”, I often get these emails and I collect them now into a folder where I think, hey this might come in handy.
  4. Social Media is another great place to find testimonials about your services or products. When someone writes to you and says ‘hey, I totally love these corn chips and love that they are not packed full of nasties, thanks for looking after our gluten free family) or “we went through four packets of corn chips between three of us girls on Friday night – they are so addictive”.
  5. Review sites are also a great way to find testimonials for your business depending on the nature of it. For hotels and restaurants, there are endless ways to add value to your social media accounts and website by these free testimonials that are easy to get.

Now you know a few ways to get find them but how do you go about actually making them count? Depending on which route you take to get your testimonial I always like to make sure that it is credible. When I ask for feedback from my clients I often pull out a few of their statements that I think that represent my brand and my services (results with heart)

Depending on which route you take to get your testimonials I always like to make sure that it is credible. When I ask for feedback from my clients I often pull out a few of their statements that I think that represent my brand and my services (results with heart). I then email the client back with the segment I wish to use as a testimonial asking them to ok it and then to send an image of themselves along with their URL.

If you are sourcing your testimonials from previous emails, social media accounts or review sites. Get the testimonial together, including their name and website if it corresponds to your business.  So all they need to do is sure that sounds fine or can you adjust this bit. Make it effortless to say YES.

Another way to make it effortless is if you like to have photos with your testimonial, find a suitable image of them and add it to your email when asking.  The reason why I like to use images of my clients is that it becomes more personable. People relate to other people and when there is a photo of someone it actually looks like an authentic honest person giving an honest testimonial.

I hope this helps you grow your testimonial page or adds value to your website to attract your dream clients. If you want some more inspiration head over to my praise page. 


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