Social Media Tips for 2021 with Stacey Cranitch

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On today’s episode, I am talking with Stacy Cranitch about social media. Stacy is a social media coach who works with small business owners to create simple social strategies that actually work. She’s the founder of the Social Hub, inside that she has a podcast and membership area for all things, social media. If you want to know the ins and outs of all things, Facebook, Instagram, hashtags, DMS, and how to write great captivating posts. Stacy is your girl. She will show you how to get social media attention and engage with your followers to convert them into clients. She is a rock star. Today we are going to be diving into all things 2021 what the landscape of the year ahead looks like, where to show up, best practices online and so much more. 


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Hello, Stacy. Thank you so much for joining me on the show today.


 Hey Liz, thanks for having me. I love being a guest on podcasts as a podcaster myself, I find it super fun. Being the guest. 


How good is it being on the other side of the mic for a change in getting the questions asked? 


Oh, so cool. So relaxing. Like it’s just like, I’m rocking up for a chat with a mate. 

So good. Stacy, do you want to introduce yourself what it is that you do and how you ended up in this field? 


So I’m Stacy, for those of you that are listening in and know me, hello again, and those of you that don’t, I’m a social media coach. It’s funny. Before we hit record, we’ll say how sometimes. Our titles change depending on what we’re talking about, but ultimately I’m a social media coach. I work with women in business to help them create a standout online brand using social media and just leverage off social media as a really amazing tool to connect with their audience and to grow their business. Personally, I’m a mum, I’ve got two kids, two cats, and a husband. I live in Northern New South Wales in Tweed Heads, a bit of a beach girl, but I’m also a country girl. I grew up in the country. I always say, you can definitely take the girl out of the country, but you can’t take the country out of the girl. How did I get into doing what I do? Well, it’s a funny story because I actually did 17 years in finance, which is pre corporate industry. In that time I spent most of my time in people leadership. 

I was in management roles, bank manager roles. I also did a bit of portfolio management where I managed a portfolio of clients. Over that time, most of my time was spent in coaching other people. It was spent coaching them in sales because despite what a lot of people think banks are actually really high on sales targets. It’s definitely these days. I mean, I’ve been out of banking for three years, but, and leading up to before I left, the sales targets just got harder and the KPIs got higher. I spent a lot of my time in that space and I mean my early forties, so I was teaching, selling and coaching through selling before we even had email in our branches. We used to use a dinky old voicemail system to connect with other people in other branches. No, like there was no such thing as people having social media profiles or using LinkedIn, or, a lot of brokers and HFMS now, or home finance managers, I’m using all acronyms will have their own like Instagram profile where they, talk about what they do. 

There’s no such thing as that. I think when I was working in premium financial services, I had a MySpace account. Like that’s how far I go back, my space. What that really all that time was just like how to connect with people like a real person. I kind of always say like my superpower is understanding people. Like I can talk to someone and get a really good feel pretty quickly for how they like to be spoken to and how they like to interact with people. A bit of an insight into their kind of, their values and their communication style. That’s really done me really well over the time, because even though I was sitting in this corporate world where there were lots of, high-powered lots of scripting on how you meant to sell to people. I never really did it that way. I did it my own way, which was just sat down and tell me about yourself and what’s going on with you and why are you here today? Why do you want a home loan? I call these things. 

And, and because of that, I had a lot of really loyal clients and also was able to become really successful themselves without feeling the pressure of having to stick to that kind of script that you get given all the time when you’re working in those environments. After I had my second child, I just got bored. I got bored of doing it. I felt like I’d done everything I needed to do there. I discovered online marketing and I was like, well, this is kind of cool. This is creative. I needed a creative outlet. I wasn’t feeling that I was getting that anymore. And I love social media. I love that you can sit on your couch and connect with people that potentially could become your clients or make new friends or find new business people to connect without even having to leave your house. 

Like, I find that amazing. Obviously, COVID has been so incredible for so many people. I kind of fell into this really. I started helping friends with some of their brands and started researching it and studying it and realized that there was a really cool blend of the new world of digital online and social media and all the old world stuff that I’ve done my whole life. That’s really what I bought into the social hub was yeah, let’s embrace all this new world stuff. That’s really cool, but let’s also do it in a way that is real, keeps people being human and keeps humans interacting with humans. Your Ninja when it comes to styles, honestly like just the artful itself. I’m just like, yes, she’s got it. The way that you bring it into, like, as you say, the modern world, it’s just, it’s clever, it’s intentional and it’s not that sleazy sales pitch, ? 


And I love watching that from you. 

I always say that the years that I spent in finance, I learnt so much in that time. Like I never regret a day that I spent there because it taught me so much about how to run a business, how to manage staff, how to interact with clients. At the same time, I always have always put my own spin on how I do things. I think there are a lot of people who say to me, or you sell so confidently and it’s, I don’t actually feel like I’m selling. Like, I just feel like I’m talking to people and going, Hey, this is, I know this is a problem for you. This is a way you can fix it. If you want to pay me to do that, this is how you can do that too. 

Social Media today, we’re gonna talk all about social media, because obviously here we are 2021 and it’s like for me, social media sometimes just gives me a headache. Like I’m an old school blogger. I’ve always worked online. I make things look very beautiful. I did websites, that thing. Social media is like, Oh, we’re going to do this now we’re going to change these. Goodness sakes, they’ve just changed Instagram on me again. The last two days press the wrong button. A number of times in the 24 hours. What is with that? I know. So anyway, it’s always changing. For you, like, do you love that fast pace of how social media roles? 


Yeah, I do actually. Like I’m a pretty fast paced person. Like I’m always doing something. The only constant thing in life is change. I love, I love that it changes because it’s, to me it feels innovative and it feels that there’s always something new going on and there’s a new way that we can adapt to it, to grow businesses or a new way that we can connect with our customers or our clients or our audience or whoever it is that you’re trying to connect with on there. 

I understand at the same time how confusing it can be for people because these days there’s so many features now on all the, on both platforms. If you look at Facebook and Instagram, the features are changing. 2020 was a big growth for social media, whether it would have grown that much without COVID, I can’t say, but I think COVID definitely brought a lot of things forward that maybe would have been on the to-do list. The way they upgraded Facebook shops, the way that’s rolling out with, tap to purchase on platform, coming in more the changes they’ve made to messenger, like with messenger rooms, which is very zoom ESC. And, if you look at the way, like the zoom shares went through the roof, when COVID happened, like Facebook really could be missing out on a lot there as well. I want in. Yeah. Yeah, exactly. 

Yeah, it can be hard to keep up with. I love it personally because I’m like, yeah, he had calls something new to play with, I definitely get shiny object syndrome, so that kind of meets that need for me. I guess what I would say to people that feel like that is you don’t need to use every part of the platform. You just need to use the bits that work for you, the bits that you can get behind and you can use really well and that your audience love to connect with you with like, I love using live video. I love live video. I find it so easy just to pick up my phone and go, Hey, I can talk for five minutes and type out this long stupid post. Whereas I don’t particularly. There’s a lot of Instagram is going to hate me for saying this. 

I don’t particularly love reels. I find them time-consuming for 15 seconds worth of content. Great. Hey, I’m in my forties, I’ve got kids. I don’t have time to be having five wardrobe changes in a 15 second video. Whereas there’s some people that have the time for that. I just don’t,  Like it ain’t happening. 

No, no, it just doesn’t happen for me. I think it’s just a pure example that you don’t have to use all the features there. Just use the ones that you love and let all those little bits that of making you feel like you’ve got a, just take a Panadol and let them go because you don’t need to use them all. 

Oh my goodness. All right. Let’s talk about 2021 here and like social media. What does the landscape look for us this year? Like where should we be hanging out? What should we be doing? Tips and advice here would be awesome. Yeah. 


Yeah. Cool. It’s so funny that I’m actually about to record a podcast episode of my own on five things that are working on social media right now. I’ve actually got like heaps of stuff. 

We can link that as well right now for you. 

I think one of the things be really mindful of with social media is that it’s not just the platforms that change. It’s the way the user consumes content, that changes. It’s actually usually the way the user consumes the content. That is the biggest driving factor in the content you need to create, or the strategy that you need to create as well. What I’ve seen a lot in the last 12 months, I feel like 2020 was a big change as far as features on the platform and innovation on the platform. It’s also been a big year of change in how people use the platform or use the platforms, Facebook and Instagram I’m talking about specifically. One thing I’m seeing a lot of is people scroll and watch more than they engage. A lot of people have been saying for a while, my social media is not working. No one’s engaging, Instagram took away like, so now no one’s liking my stuff and it’s just stupid. 

All these things or it’s like, I heard recently a few people saying things like, Oh, do you only have to do reels to be successful on Instagram now? And look, yes, there’s definitely an element of the algorithm will favor new content. Like that’s just the way it is. It’s always going to do that. Also to the average user is scrolling more, commenting less, but they’re consuming more content. If you have a look at the way people are interacting there, they’re scrolling more. They’re looking for that quick fix when it comes to engagement. Things like sharing content and saving content is becoming more popular than necessarily commenting on a post. 

Yes, I’ve been seeing that a lot and I think I’m actually signed to do it more to myself. So I answer really great posts. I’m going to share that. 

Yeah. Or I save it to read it later, cause I might be in the school pickup line or I might be in the supermarket. I think that’s another thing to remember, where is your audience consuming you as well? What are they doing when they’re consuming you not, everyone’s going to be sitting down at the kitchen table, working or sitting down, having a coffee, being able to read this long 200 word posts that you’ve just written and you’ve probably poured your heart and soul into this post. It’s probably really amazing, but where people consume you. The way that people interact is changing which means that we need to adapt to how we create content and how we interact as well. We need to provide our audience with content that’s going to meet those needs. The other thing as well, I’ve noticed is there’s a big move towards auditory consumption of content. 

What I mean by that is so if you look at video, right video contents, huge, it’s just getting bigger and bigger on both the platforms. If you’re using just image and text posts and that’s all you use, then you’re probably going to find you’re going to have a drop in engagement because people aren’t just going to stop and read and then comment on stuff. But the video is more engaging. It’s stuff that people will stop and listen to because it’s engaging because it’s video. The other great thing about video is the auditory component of it. There’s been a huge shift lately for people consuming content they can listen to, which is why podcasts are so popular, but also like live stream or IGT TV, or any video content where people can just Chuck it on and listen to it while they’re making dinner or driving in the car or doing other things. 

That’s become really important for people to think COVID been, has really brought that on too. If you look at mums at home, they’ve had kids at homeschooling and they haven’t been able to just stop and read something for a while. It’s like, Oh, just Chuck this in while I’m cooking during the vacuuming. I think it’s really important to think about how your audience consumes content and what they’re doing when they’re consuming it and the stalls of content that they like. Anything that’s kind of, with that auditory visual videos, staff, quick consumable content that they can consume quickly while they’re waiting in the supermarket line, which is why reels and stories are so popular. So that’s one part of it. I do have some tips on types of content that are working really well. If you want to hear those too, I do cause like videos. 

I’m like, I’m one of those people who watches them. That’s my kids go to bed silent and watch the captions. 

Yeah. Media is pretty diverse. Like it’s very diverse, a hundred percent. Yes, captions are huge on video because a lot of people do watch it with the sound off in the scroll, right. If they’re in the scroll and they find it, they usually want the sound off because maybe the kids are around or again, they’re out in public. They don’t want to have the sound on and be one of those people standing there with their annoying video talking while they’re in the doctor’s surgery. If it’s something that they really want to listen to again, and this is where it comes down to like saving content, it might be like, Oh, that’s a cool thing. I’d like to listen to that later. They’ll save it, come back to it. Maybe listen to it when they’re driving or making dinner or something like that. If you think about it, yeah, the things that I just said, the fact that people are scrolling more and commenting less, that they’re saving and sharing content, infographics work really well. 

They’ve become really popular in the last few months. I mean, we’re recording this in November and look how long they’ll be this popular for. I don’t know, but it makes a couple of needs of people want it’s saveable and shareable. So it’s easy to save and share content. Like I work with quite a few people in the dietician industry and we get them to do things like recipes on an infographic because it’s something people can save really quickly and then pull it up when they go to the supermarket. Right. And a share is really easy too. It’s like, Oh, share that. They might come back to their feed and look at it later. The other thing with infographics is it tells the story in the image. It’s almost like the hook of your posts is in the image. They go, Oh yeah, they can see really quickly. 

Yes. I want to read this. It’s like they make that decision really quickly in a split second. Do I actually want to read this as interesting or not? The infographic will tell them that. For anyone that doesn’t know what an infographic is, you’ve probably seen lots of posts where there’s like graphs, pie, charts, like little reminder notifications, those Twitter style images, all the little pictures of people doing things like yeah. Like a yoga pose. I’m just trying to think of it like a sun salutation. You’re like, Oh, sun salutation. You’re like, yeah, they’re amazing. Like it can be anything it’s telling the story of like what the post is about. As you said as well, like, hooks you in and then they are working a treat on the moment. Partly, whereas see, 2019 was the year of the feed was just your face. 2020 is moved away from that, which I find quite relieving. 

Actually. It was quite exhausting having to always have photos of myself to put on my feed. Being able to have other things that are working like infographics work for me. Cause I’m not always camera ready. Every single day should be taking photos. What do you mean you’re going to get your hair like this? If I had hair like yours, I would be camera ready everyday. Mainstays have a running joke about how wild my hair is and how I just flick it. It’s just like, does the thing and camera ready? I was like, Hey, and be turned away and be all this on. That’s the thing being in front of the camera all the time is exhausting. Right? As well. Like some days you just don’t feel like it. The season earlier, we’re talking about, today I did not start on the right foot at all. 

Like there’s no way you’re going to get a beautiful picture. I’m slowly back to that good old lives. The way the day started, no way I don’t want to show up a line having one of those days. It kind of does not highlight Rio to a certain effect, but if you can write a post or create a post as you’ve seen as like an infographic, hallelujah. Yeah. The other thing as well is, and if we go back to video, content reels are pretty cool. Like they’re great for reach and engagement. The thing with rules I’ve kind of said to people is I think it’s just a good time to get in and play with them before they become too polished because they are going to get quite polished. I would say at one point, because that’s what happens, right? So it’s a good time to get in and take advantage of that and kind of see what content people like to use. 

Also, I like to consume, I should say rather. I also think that they’ll become a lot more strategic with stories. For example, a couple of years ago we were more just, here’s my morning coffee is what I’m having for lunch. He’s my dog. He’s what I’m doing now. They’re really big conversion tool on Instagram. I feel like reels will definitely get there. They’re also quick consumable content that people like, for me, I, even as a social media coach, I just, I don’t invest a lot of time in them. Cause I don’t have the time to create all of that video content all the time. I do invest a lot in Facebook lives. I do a lot of lives in my group. I do a lot of stories. If you’re looking at video content, I think it’s just picking what video content you really want to kind of nail. 

Nailing that the reason I choose lives is because a lot of what I talk about is like podcast style stuff. It really fits that auditory need that my audience had too. But yeah, definitely video. If you’re not embracing video, I would say 2021 that has to go top of your list and it doesn’t have to be you talking to it to the camera. It can be photo montages. It could be gifts that you use anywhere where you can put a moving picture into what you’re doing. Some of the videos I’ve created are like a screen share on my phone of showing people how to do something. I’ll put it into like a phone frame on camera and just put audio over the top. I’m not actually even on the video at all, but they can hear my voice. There’s lots of different ways that you can start incorporating video. 

It doesn’t have to just be used speaking to the camera. If you’re someone that has really good insight to share, if you’re competent enough to start picking up and just going live and riffing off that way, rather than writing a long post, it’s going to be really useful for you. Both the platforms are becoming more dynamic with how you can edit them. You can add captions inside of Facebook. You don’t have to use an external platform to do that. You can save this to IGT V two. Yep. You can share it to both. You can save your Instagram live to the IGT. It’s becoming a lot more dynamic and I’d a hundred percent say if you’re not using video, put that on the top of the list. 

As much as it makes people as much as it makes everyone cringe. It’s just the way it is. Video and it is not going away and it’s just getting stronger and stronger. We’ve seen this quote for the last three or so years. Look, if you’re not good at creating it yourself, there are plenty of VAs out there that are super, they love it. They’re passionate about it. It might just be better to spend that 50 bucks, a hundred bucks or whatever to get, a VA to repurpose some of your content into some cool video content for you rather than you investing in it yourself. I think there’s a way to incorporate it, whether you’re doing it yourself or you’re getting someone else to help you. I don’t think there’s any reason not to these days. No excuses. 

Okay. Video infographics and definitely into things that we should be looking at. Anything else that we need to be addressing in 2021? 

It’s so funny because again, 2020 was like the move to everyone, doing everything online. Like people now work from home that never got to work from home, which is awesome. I think it’s great that large companies have been able to say, yeah, cool. You can work from home. It’s there’s been so many great things that have come from that. It’s pushed a lot more people onto digital that weren’t on digital before, but it’s also highlighted something that I’ve seen bubbling away under the surface for a couple of years before now, which is that even if your business is digital, there needs to be an element of human interaction in it somewhere because people like, newsflash, 100% of your customers are people like real people. They’re humans. 

There’s not a computer buying my service on the other side of the world. Oh, well, if we could figure out how that would work, we’d all be rich. Isn’t like the money laundering. Yeah. It’s willing to legal. Yeah. But yeah. Anyway, when you can. Incorporate that element of human interaction, 

Which is where video can be so good because you can get that human interaction.  Just from your social media page, you don’t have to create crazy funnels or do 20 discovery calls every week to have human interaction with your audience. You can just go live. That’s something that works for you, but I’ve seen a huge increase in using the DMS, like the email of social media. If you’re asking people to get off social media, find your email address, go to your website and take all these extra steps you could be missing out on a lot of really good engagement with people. Utilizing the relationship building features that are available on the platform, something I’ve done a lot with clients and myself lately is if you’re directing people into a dam and they ask a question, just pick it up and send a voice message. You can pretty much have a discovery call with people over voice messages on a DM. 

You don’t have to make people work hard to have a free call with you that you’ve only got four spots available on a Friday afternoon every week. Like that’s hard for people to fit into that really square mold and embracing these features mean that you can do these things in pockets of time, that you can meet people where they’re at and you can give them that human interaction that they’re craving without it being overly time intensive, I guess. 

It all comes back again to like relationships at the beginning, you were talking about, having that in-person conversation, back years ago when you were doing sales at the bank and in finances and things like that, like interacting with humans, like it’s still a part of our crucial ability to convert. So human interaction is cased. 

Totally. Look, you can go down the path of having all these elongated electronic automated funnels where there’s zero human interaction. I think they just provide more churn. What I’m talking about, it’s all organic strategies. I haven’t mentioned paid ads because I love paid ads. I know you love paid ads too. They 100% do work, but most people aren’t in a position to invest in them as heavily as they need to be these days, they’re a heavy traffic plate part of the platform and you need to compete with a lot of other traffic. These are really good tips for people that, they’re still living in that organic space and that using the free parts of the platform, these are all really good ways that they can do that really well. Yeah. 

Yeah. Human interaction, DMS videos and infographics. I love it. There anything else you wanted to add on to that before I ask you a couple more? 

That’s pretty much, that’s pretty much my top tips for right now. If you check back in with me in three to six months, time is probably gonna have changed again. Social media is like everything changes. The funny thing is if you’d asked me 12 months ago, I would have said Facebook groups would have been top of my list. 

I was like, no to Facebook groups, everyone kept saying that, but I was like, no video and still, yeah. I have not produced many videos as, yeah. I mean on Instagram stories but not. Videos. So there you go. It just goes to show like, yeah. How different people consume as you were saying, like knowing your audience and being able to understand how they consumer, where they’re consuming their content is so important. So Stace success, how do you define it? 

Oh, that is such a big question. Look, everyone’s version of success is totally different. Like I think defining success means determining what does that mean for you? And what does that look like for you? Like what’s the vision of the successful version of you that you want to have in your life? And that’s going to look different for everyone. Success, to means freedom. It means having a caravan and traveling around the country and being able to work from anywhere like to me, that’s freedom, not having to wear makeup every day and wear, go swimming all the time and chase an endless summer. Like to me, that’s freedom and that’s success to other people’s successes having a condo in the city and driving a, 

I was actually after yours. So that’s perfect. 

Yeah. Yeah. Like it’s going to be different for everyone. I guess, tapping into what is that next level version of yourself that you see because the business that you create has to fuel that it’s different for everyone. What does that person look like? And I think a lot of people don’t take the time to really tap into that. They look at the version of success that other people throw at them and then think they have to have that, with all the miracle mornings and all these things that are out there and, a green smoothie isn’t going to make you successful. It might be really good for your digestion, but it’s not necessarily successful. 

Goals, we’re talking goals and success from my understanding, like what you’re sharing today is like having that goal to drive you and, making sure that it’s aligned with you and what you’re wanting and for your successes driving off into the sunset with that caravan and chasing the summer and swimming every day. Like to me, that sounds bliss constantly. I wouldn’t do it. There’s no way in hell I’m ever buying a caravan. I’m not a caravan person. I’m like the backpacking chick, like. 

Having to carry a backpack would annoy the shit. So I’ll go through the caravan. 

Yeah, no, I’m like, I can get onto like any bus, any train anywhere around the world with like carry on luggage and like I’m free to go and move as I please not having to like drag stuff. I dunno. It’s once again, how crazy is that? Right. I love that definition for you. Like that’s what your chasing, like that’s exciting. Final question. Best piece of advice you’ve ever been given. 

Follow the feel good. I think we spend so much time trying to make ourselves fit into a framework or live by someone’s version of what made them happy. What happens all the time? You read an audio book and someone says, Oh, you need to get up at four o’clock in the morning. Cause everyone that’s successful gets up at four o’clock in the morning, or you need to do this four step process to your skincare routine to have nice skin or whatever it is that you’re listening to. I think if we just followed the feelgood and followed what lit us up more, then I think more people would have enjoyment and success in their life. Yeah. 

I love it. Love, love it. It’s just, yeah. You know that I’m like yes to this all the way. So feeling all the fields right now. In the show notes, you can head over to find Stacy and her website. Her group will put in there as well. The social hop and Instagram, Facebook, all the good things. There anything else that you wanted to mention now? Honestly, like over on the gram, on my podcast, in my group, they’re the main places you can catch me. Ask her the questions she’s there. Yeah, shoot me a dm you’ll get a voice message back, but thank you so much for being on the show with me today. Thanks for having me. 

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