Where to share your blog post after you hit publish.

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The question of where to share your blog post after you hit publish has come up a few times over the last week. And I am surprised I haven’t written about it earlier. After all, I have been blogging for ten years!

A few years back I was still a food blogger, I was cooking and creating and getting over 1000 hits a day! Simply through promoting my work. At first, it took time and a little practice and loads of trial and error to get the traction but once I did it I hit gold.
What I did after I found my flow I created a checklist of what to do after I hit publish for each blog post. Now back then I was producing 3-4 blog posts a week, however, we have moved into simpler times where it isn’t a race to create content anymore. A post a week is fine.

This then gives you a full week to promote your blog post!

Now let me clarify a few things about creating content for your blog it needs to have a few simple elements to attract eyes to it and make it share-worthy. Firstly the content must be quality and serve your ideal client, your headlines must be punchy and eye-catching, your spelling is up to scratch and finally you have worked on your SEO for that post.You can read more about that over here.

Ok, lets dive in.

Where to share your blog post after you hit publish.

1 – Your newsletter

Tell your number one fans that you have just published an article that they will love. Make sure that you have at least one link to the article and then ways for them to share it in that newsletter. I actually write most of my content for the people in my newsletter, they are the ones that are hungry for more information.

2 – A smart social campaign

There are loads of social media platforms and depending on your ideal client and your niche you should know which ones work well for you. The beauty of some of the social media platforms is that they are fast moving however when you deliver fresh content out someone might miss it – so I always like to make sure that I schedule my posts at least twice a week on social media.

3 – Backlink love

Coming from a blogging background, the power of backlinks is still something that I personally believe in. A backlink is when someone else’s website points back to yours. There are a few ways to tackle this after all you have a week dedicated to promoting this post.

First is to stop by some of your favorite blogs and leave comments with your URL for your latest blog post or just your website URL. Another is to answer questions on sites like Quora or Yahoo and share your current post that will help them.

When I was a food blogger there were sites like foodgawker and tastespotting that we use to submit our photos too that would index our blogs and bring in new traffic. These site still exist if you are food blogger.

4 – Ads (Facebook and Instagram)

If you have written a post that is so freaking amazing and you think it will gain a hell of a lot of traction. Then I really encourage you to boost your blog post with an ad on Facebook and Instagram. Once again depending on your ideal clients and who they are you may do one or the other or even both. Ads get extra eyes on your content, it may be locally, all your followers or newbies.

5 – Schedule that shit!

If you want to get the most out of your content, then repurpose it, reuse it and reschedule it. Ok, so you have done your social media campaign for the week. But you know what else is amazing, scheduling your post to show up again in two months’ time so you don’t need to even think about it! There are loads of scheduling tools out there to check out, find something that works for you.

6 – ASK people to feature YOU

Write an article about the blog post you wrote and submit it to your favourite blog or online magazine. Team up with a few fellow bloggers and ask them to share your blog post to their tribe (especially if it also serves them) When you ask people to share your blog post it can be done via social media, a blog post, newsletter or whatever platform that they are willing to use. A shout out can go a long way!

Ok, that is my six tips to get the ball rolling to get more eyes on your latest blog post.


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    1. Thanks Ella, yes there are so many great things people can do to get more eyes on their work than just simply hitting publish.

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