Why Rushing is NOT going to get you the business you want

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These past two weeks have been utter rubbish!

Honestly, who decides that everything in my life would be turned upside down right now.

Let me paint you the picture. But first let me tell you that I am ok, I will tell you why in a moment.

I am going to start off by telling you about my renovation disaster. We started renovating our bathroom, the last room in our house to get finished. Last month we ripped out walls, refit the floors, ceilings and lined the walls again our house is the wonkiest ever I swear. Then it was time to get a tiler sorted. Like all the tradespeople in the area at the moment, two things are happening they charge a lot and there is a boom and demand is high. Which means getting someone even to give you a quote for work is hard pressed.

Needless to say who would have thought acquiring a tiler would be so darn hard, we rang around, and rang around. Most tilers have a waiting list until October – I know right, it’s August! Which means they are booked out. I had a few blokes though and I had quotes that came in close to $7000 while others around the $3000 mark, but nothing lined up when I needed it. In the end, I put an ad up on Gumtree (which I love) and had a few people come and look at the job. This is week two of the reno’s and I am ready to have a shower at this point. I settled on a guy with my gut feeling, he seemed like a cool dude, easy to work with etc. But guess what? he was a shit house tiler!

After 17 hours of half-assed work on his part, he was sacked (yes we paid him – shaking my head) then we found someone to come and rescue our bathroom. But what happened was that the tiling was so bloody bad, we had to pull it down, full days work, husband home too for the day to help our builder who was still on site (thank bloody goodness) and relined our walls with new sheets and then more waterproofing. (a three-day process) DEVASTATING.

Since all of that, we have had a fantastic tiler in who has given us a shower. Yes, last week I had the pleasure of standing under hot water falling on my head. My hair is clean, I am clean and I just feel human again.

What was my lesson?

Well, there were two things here but the one I wanted to share with you was RUSHING.

Not only was I slap-dash impatient about having a shower and didn’t fully ask the crap tiler if he was a good tiler, I thought he seemed like a great guy he should be fine because I assumed like all the other people who came by were real tilers! So I rushed, he could start the next day – winning one step closer to the bathroom.  Lesson learnt

Now on to business. Yes rushing as an entrepreneur is BAD.

What happens when you rush in your business?? I will tell you, things don’t go as planned.

Instead of making graceful movements towards your end goal you begin to get slap-dash about it. Your blog posts get a little crapper, your social media feed gets a bit ick, you stop interacting with people, you don’t put your soul into your actual work that brings in your income.

Like I said this is bad. Because when your heart is just on ‘I want it all now’ or ‘why am I not seeing it yet’ or even ‘how come they seem to be doing really well and I am still just getting by’, you start forcing and rushing to get what it is you want. It could be more money, more clients or whatever it is you want from your business right now.

Each movement we take towards our big goal should be done with care and love. And of course plenty of heart and grace, not a steam train about to come off the tracks.

I have learned this lesson of not rushing in many platforms over the past two weeks and you know what, I wanted to share this with you. Because this learning may also help you just slow down a little and remember what is actually important in your life.  Here are a few things that I am doing right now to slow the heck down.


1. Downsize your workload

Yes, postpone the crazy to-do list or better yet CANCEL or cross off some of the items on that list. Stick to what you love to do – focus on your clients and customers here. A week off from social media or blogging really won’t kill your business, it’s better that you put the energy in when you actually have gained clarity on exactly what you are doing.

2. Meditate

Stop and take 5-10 minutes of time to just sit and be still. Find a fantastic guided meditation and take a break from your work at lunch or do it before you start work and then another to finish your day. This helps with slowing the mind but also brings more awareness to what is going on around you.

3. Get Outside

Take your shoes off and walk on the grass, or get the to beach, find a rainforest and absorb a little bit of nature. Perhaps if you can walk to your nearest cafe and order a cup of tea. Create a new routine to leave the house and interact with the world. It’s an amazing place, there are people, butterflies, fluffy clouds and even the odd delicious brownie waiting to find you.

4. Get Help

I can’t stress this enough. If your workload is getting crazy or you are getting crazy because of your workload it’s now time to start looking to acquiring help. It can be in the form of babysitters, VA’s (virtual assistants), interns, editor, accountants or even your hubby to take the kids out of the house for a couple of hours so you can do ‘Me Things’ or even just write a killer blog post that has heart.

Having a support group or even a biz bestie to talk to about your business is so important for keeping the pace steady. Yes there are times of havoc, and these times are great but they don’t need to be rushed.

5. Remember Why You Started your Business in the First Place

This one by far is the reason why you should never rush your business. Tell me why did you start your business? Leave me a comment below – I would love to hear from you.

I started my business so I could be present with my kids while they grow up. I want to have a business that is flexible so I could travel, take time out and do the things I love. As soon as I shifted away from this and things got a little out of hand, I started to rush, I thought I wanted a bazillion clients. But I don’t, I am happy with the number of clients I have coming through. I am happy with how my website is attracting new business. It’s perfect really.

So, why was I rushing?

Because I created an idea in my head what a successful business ‘should look like’ not what I want it to look like.
Keep true to yourself – your business will thank you!!



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4 Responses

  1. Love love love this so much (well, not the part about your bathroom and shower!). But the tips you’ve shared are brilliant. I’m glad I have you as a biz bestie!! And I must keep reminding myself to slow down as well. After all, it’s the journey that matters most.

    1. Its so often that we get caught up in moving ahead but we take the full steam ahead approach instead of small mindful steps that will get us there with more intention.

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