Reaching Your Goals & Going Keto with Karissa Ball

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In today’s episode, I talk with Karissa Ball, a busy wife, energetic mama of two, and businesswoman who wouldn’t come on the show until she reached her goal weight – 36 kilos lighter. The keto diet has been talked a lot about over the last year and I myself have dabbled with it. Today Karissa shares her journey but also loads of tips and tricks about going Keto.


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Joining me on the show today is Karissa Ball. Karissa is a busy wife, energetic mama of two, and runs two local businesses and is very involved in our local community here in the Northern rivers. I was so privileged to witness her through her journey last year that I am so excited to have her on the show with me today because she has lost over 36 kilos. 

Her biggest goal was to get to her goal weight, and then she wanted to come on the podcast and have a conversation with me today. I’m excited that we are going to be talking about what keto is. We’re going to talk about her journey and the story of how she got to where she is as well as some really beautiful tips and tricks to help you on your own lifestyle change. So let’s dive into today’s episode.


Hello, Karissa, thank you so much for joining me on the show today. 


Hello Lizzie. Thank you for having me. 


I’m so excited to have you, because I have watched you over the past year go through an incredible journey. Obviously we’re going to share what that story is, but before we go there, do you want to share about you? 


I am Karissa. I am a 45 mother of two beautiful teenage girls. I’m the owner of two businesses and my family and myself moved to the Northern New South Wales, about five and a half years ago from the Gold coast. I have struggled with both mental mindset and weight since I was a teenager. 


Yeah. So this is where our story begins. Isn’t it? I like how you segway. That was awesome. Karissa has been doing keto since when?


March 2020. 

Lizzie: Wow. So yeah, just over a year now. 

Do you want to share your journey as to like what’s unfolded for you and yeah. What the process has been like? 


So I started this journey cause I’ve been on many journeys over the years, but I started this journey in March, 2020. I have basically struggled with both mindset and weight. My whole adult life I’ve been the yo-yo diet. I thought after a life-changing phone call back in March, 2020, that I would give keto a try because I had tried pretty much every other diet possible under the sun. I made that decision and I pretty much went cold Turkey, giving up my two liters a day Coca-Cola habit that I had, which was very terrible. I was really lucky to actually have a fantastic keto mentor, Dr. Brian Johnson, who helped me along the way with lots of valuable information and support. Yeah. By about November of 2020, I’d lost around 25 kilos. 

I had lots of people asking me, how are you doing, what are you doing? I was feeling pretty amazing and I was ready to start sharing and helping others along their journey as well. So I started a Facebook group. Low carb mindset journey with Kay was born within three days. I had over a hundred members. I kind of went, maybe there is a need for my little Facebook group, which now has grown to over 350 members, which is great. Now I get to share what I have learned, which I love. I now run 30 day journeys, 21 day challenges, 10 day keto challenges. It was around this time in November that I was also introduced to endogenous ketones and I started using them. I thought previous on keto, I had gained so much more energy, so much more life, I suppose you could say I was feeling pretty amazing, but then I started on endogenous ketones and it was a game changer. 

I am now just over 12 months into my journey. I’m now at my goal weight and I have lost a total of just over 36 kilos. 


So, everybody’s listening. I’ve been like watching cursor, we’ve known each other prior to her starting this journey. We’ve chatted over the last few years about her coming on the podcast. Once she started this journey, just like you, I think I want to do this podcast thing. And I was like, awesome. She’s like, I’m not doing it until I reached my goal. Right. My goal. I think for me to watch and witness that has been incredible. For someone to stick to their word, I think diet culture is insane. Karissa, you can speak for that. 




Someone to reach their goal and to celebrate it here on this episode, now this life changing phone call tell us more?

I had quite a major knee injury that I needed surgery on. I was all booked in to have my operation at good old mobile lumbar hospital. I got the phone call the week before saying that we have you all booked in curious, but unfortunately we can’t do your operation here at Murwillumbah, your BMI’s too high. You are too high risk and we need an intensive care bed for you that kind of struck home hit the heart pretty hard that I can’t even just go in for surgery if I need to, because I was so overweight. Fortunately enough, they booked me into one of our larger hospitals up at Tweed and I did have my surgery, but it was pretty much the day after that phone call that I decided that enough was enough. I’d had something in the back of my mind for a little while, again, because obviously I wasn’t happy with how I was feeling and how I was looking. 

There was something in that back of that mind that I knew I needed to do something, but that was, I suppose, the little kick in the pants that I needed that was obviously so overweight and so unhealthy that, yeah, I couldn’t even booking just for a knee operation at one of our local hospitals, which was a bit scary. Yeah, that was my life changing phone call. Yeah. You’ve given up a lot of things since then as well. Like, as you said, you like the Coke habit. It sounds a bit funny when I say it like that whole lot, everybody and saying that I’ve given things up. Yes. I have given things up, but I have gained so much more than what I had. Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely. Lizzie:

That’s the thing, this is a Testament to your mindset now, right? 




Because before, it’s like often, especially in the diet world, like I’m trying to be something it’s like, what can I have, what can’t I have? What can I have? I’m like, dude, I’ve done keto. 

I’m a fluctuating keto person here. Okay. I use it to maintain my weight, but I still eat keto pizza. I still eat keto. Okay. Like I know, like there’s alternatives and it’s not about missing out, is that right? 


It’s the only diet that I have ever done and I used the word diet very loosely because I actually don’t call it a diet. I just call it a lifestyle. Now it is now my lifestyle and pretty much my family’s lifestyle. It’s just, they’re easily, literally a substitute for everything. The substitute for everything is not always cauliflower. True that people think that all you eat on keto is golly flour. It does help if you do like cauliflower, don’t get me wrong, but it’s not the answer to everything. There is, there’s literally a substitute for everything. I have not felt deprived on this diet slash lifestyle that I have on pretty much anything else that I’ve ever done. 

Like, what I get to eat now is pretty much everything I was told not to eat on most of my other diets. I was moderately successful on pretty much everything that I have done over the years, but it was the maintenance of it. I never ever reached a goal weight. I’m the lightest. Now that I have been in my adult life, which is pretty incredible. I’ve been on, as I said, many, a weight loss journey and many different programs. I have, yeah, as I said, I’ve never felt deprived doing keto. It’s been an absolute game changer. What have been your biggest lessons over this last year for yourself? Like going through this journey, biggest lessons, one of them would be don’t compare your journey to anybody else’s journey. I first started keto, I followed every keto and low carb mindset, Facebook page that you can think of. 

And I did that. I came into the track going, well, I am losing. Yes, that’s great. I’m not as losing as much or as quick as all these other people, but we all need to remember. We are all different. We all have different bodies. We all have different hormones. We all have different amounts of weight to lose. There are so many varying factors that just, we need to just run our own race and don’t compare ourselves. That would be number one. Number two would be just to take each day as it comes. If you fall off that wagon, whether it’s with your food or your mindset, it’s okay. It’s okay to fall off the wagon every now and then I have done quite a few times over my journey, but the tricky is to get back on and just keep on going and just take each day as it comes. 

And number three, mindset is everything. If you’re not in the right mindset to start on a keto journey, don’t start working on your mindset. First might be something that you need to do because once your mindset is in the right place, your body will follow. I love this, and I think this applies for any, like, let’s call it a lifestyle change. I don’t want to use the one diet anymore. Lifestyle last don’t change. Like, you know, mindset. It doesn’t matter, whatever it is that you’re wanting. If it’s lifestyle change through food or through failures or lack, even through a business or something like in your mind, we talked about earlier about, being able to have something it’s like, well actually, how can I turn that around and have something more positive? And so watching it more before starting helps you be in that right place. 

I love that mindset’s there. And, taking each day as it comes, like it’s so simple and yes, like I’m a fluctuating keto person. I usually do it like every season pretty much. I’m like, I’ll do it for like four to five weeks every season, but it’s a reset and my family and it’s served me well, but that’s exactly it, right? Like that’s my journey of keto. It’s not a full-time thing. Like I want my croissants every now and again, however, I’m actually quite at my goal weight, kind of thing. Like that’s kind of where I want to be like, so it’s trying to find your own journey as you’re saying so, and sticking to that and not looking.


That’s it like the last 12 months I’ve been quite strict and quite hardcore keto slash low carb. Now that I’m sitting in that maintenance phase, you can ease that back up and you can add a few little bits and pieces back in, not necessarily every day, but you can put a few of those little extra treats in and it might not be, the junk food kind of traits. 

Like I’ve added a bit more of the higher Carb fruits and things back into my diet that I hadn’t been having before. So yeah, it’s definitely a lifestyle. Oh my gosh. It was so good eating a mango, sorry. And mangoes in Australia. No, but that’s the thing like you learn. Yeah. Anyway, that’s my journey. Let’s talk about what actually Keto is, because I think a lot of people don’t know. Yeah. Or like kind of guess what it is. Keto is where it turns your facts into fuel while you get to eat amazing foods. And you’d be very surprised. Some of the foods that you do actually get to eat. Ketogenic diet is high fat, it’s adequate protein and a low carbohydrate diet luster. It was actually, I’m not sure if you’re aware that it was originally used to treat hard to control epilepsy in children. 

Oh, see, I thought it was diabetes. 


That was originally why it was made. Ketosis is where the metabolic state characterized by the elevated levels of ketone bodies in either the blood or urine, that’s how you can actually measure your level of ketosis. The actual food part from my understanding has always been, you’re gonna have like low carbs and higher fat. For me, like in our diets, how it changed was okay, well, we’re not going to have pasta with the kids. Mind you, we did find alternatives that were made out of soy beans and a few other things that hadn’t exactly there’s less carbs or zoodles man, our kids loves hurdles, change it up, but still meet in bed kind of thing, but more fat or, and lower carbs. For me, it was stopping any fruit and things like that because it’s the sugars as well. 

That turns into carbohydrates. Correct. So basically cutting out your starchy vegetables. Pretty much any veggies that are below the ground, stick to your green leafy, get rid of the rice, the pasta, the bread, which are all very flour pancakes. Once again, there are substitutes for all of them. If you wish to go that way. They’re delicious because let’s say I make pizza bases out of black mozzarella cheese and almond flour. This is so quick, my kids actually prefer them. Wheat based pieces isn’t that they were a bit reluctant to try them, but crispy those the best. Okay. That’s keto for those who have been wondering how it kind of works. 


One thing, if you do have questions, we’ll put a link to Chris’s Facebook group in there. You can find her and find out, ask the questions as well. 

For those who are interested in trying the Ketogenic lifestyle for themselves, what are some tips that you would share?

Make sure that you have the support for your journey, whether it be friends or family or Facebook support groups. There are lots of those around, and as Lizzie just mentioned, there is my own that do run the journeys and challenges and things through there as well. There’s lots of just helpful tips and bits on there as well. Obviously you can just post a question and myself and others will be more than happy to answer and help you out along the way. Probably the next tip would be a better you for you first. Be a better view for you so that you can be a better view for others. Do you like that one? I brought it down madly. 


I’m like, oh, that’s so good because it’s so true that, or like, even like just being a mom sometimes you’re like, well, if mom’s not happy, how can I be a good mom for my kids and my husband? And it’s like, well mom, but like, a good partner in that sense. 


Like if I’m not doing this for me, if I’m not happy. Yeah. That kind of leads into my next thing of actually putting yourself first. Most of us put ourselves second to our families, our friends after Reese, for most of our lives, especially our adult lives. Maybe it’s time for you. That’s how I was. I had to make time for me because I am as Elysium and very busy woman of, mother and wife and business owners and all sorts of things. Myself and my health was definitely put on the back burner so that, I could achieve what I needed to achieve in all my other roles and all the other hats that I wear. This time it was a bit more about me and I made time for me. It wasn’t as said just about the diet component of it. You know, I started meditating. 

I started working out, I started working on me. I started reading, I hadn’t read him. I don’t know how many years, but yeah, it’s just about making, even if he can only fit in that half an hour a day, but just fit in something for you. Once your head and your mind is in that mind space it’s so just flows onto every part of your world. I truly believe now you probably have to check in my family, but I really feel that I am now a bit of mum. I’m a better wife. I’m a better business owner. I’m certainly a lot happier than what I used to be. I probably had a very good beside. For those like Lizzie, but of 90 for lots and lots of years, I probably always came across as this happy, jolly large lady. And yeah. Now I feel like I don’t need that facade anymore. 

It’s just truly me and yeah, I’ve never felt so amazing in pretty much my whole adult life. It’s pretty cool. So celebrate is another KIPP. Celebrate, no matter how small your successes on your journey, celebrate those milestones. Like myself, I had to find new ways how to celebrate that didn’t involve food because you kind of get an, even on a diet, you get to a certain point, you come to a milestone, we go, I’m going to celebrate. I’m going to eat this. Yes, I did need to get my mindset changed about around that, which got Lizzie here helped me do. It might be that you actually treat yourself to the movies or a massage or a pedicure or a new outfit or something along those lines. You can celebrate those small milestones without celebrating with food. 


I remember that. I remember that you purchased something. 

I was like, it was very cool to celebrate cause that’s yes. I love that. 


There any other tips or does that listen to your body? And once again, take each day as it comes. So don’t be too hard on yourself. Listen to your body. Some days you will be hungry than others. Eat more food, eat more Keough food, eat more. Some days you might be a little flat or a little tired, get some rest. So listen to your body. It’s really important to do that and just take each day as it comes because some days are better than others. Especially if you have never done keto before and you get what’s called keto flu, that can be a bit nasty for a few days, but you just take those few days, take a bit more electrolytes and hydrate and get a bit more rest. You’ll be fine once you get to the other side, but yet take each day as account and just don’t give up.
Just keep going. Many of these Facebook pages that I follow and, someone puts a post up going, I starting keto for the 10th time, any advice? And I go, yes, don’t stop. Also that was my biggest lesson and electrolytes, like that was like the huge, yeah. Support be a better you for you, but you sell fast. Yes. I love right. And listen to your body. Yep. I’ve got many more tips, but they would be my top five it’s wisdom. I think everyone should apply that to every part of their life anyway. Yeah, absolutely. Whether it’s, changing your diet for your lifestyle or as we said, your mental health or your, just your physical working out it’s yeah. It’s really important to look after all the different aspects of our lives. It’s funny. Cause I think sometimes when you get stopped with one section, as you were saying earlier, like it almost filters out, well, like being a better UVU, like it filters out like, yes, he may be changing, like the foods in your world and like your lifestyle that it filters through other sections. 

Like, as you said, you were happier in business. You’re a better mom, like those little changes it’s so it infects everything that we do. Before we wrap this up best piece of advice you’ve ever been, I haven’t even had a Taisha these days that actually says it on it. 


Of course my biggest piece of advice for anybody is mindset is everything I can laugh because this is the thing I know. I knew you would appreciate it, but he’s so ridiculously true. It’s not funny. Changing those small words in everyday, talk to ourselves, just that roll on effect that it has throughout every aspect of our lives is crazy. One of the biggest quotes that I picked up from a podcast early on in my journey, because podcasting and listening to podcasts is a big part of what I do now is to change literally one word in a sentence. 

That sentence is not, what do I have to do today? What do I get to do today? Massive difference. Massive difference. So, all I have to work out today. It’s like, no, no. I get to work out today. I am fit and I am healthy. So I get to work out. There’s a lot of people out there that would love to do what I get to do, but can’t, so it’s not a matter of what I have to do. It’s what I get to do. Add that into every aspect of your life and watch your world change. Clever, just one, I teach like the ditch and switch, like, what’s the bad negative, turn it into like the positive, like how would that be? And just changing like that one word. 


Wow. I love this. I’ve got another question. Actually. What would Karissa have said to you? now back to the beginning of March 20, the things you would say to you now, what would I have said to myself?


 I, I never, I suppose I always dreamed of being a healthier, fitter, better looking version of myself, but never really thought I could achieve it. 

I suppose in some ways over the years, like I’ve got to a certain point where I start feeling a bit better and starting to feel a bit good about myself and then, it all just comes back on again. I don’t know, in some ways, if it was a bit of self sabotage that I was a bit scared to be the best that I could be. I think I’d go, holy cow, look at you now. Holy cow. Fuck. Yeah. Look at me now say to Theresa, March 20 funny month, that is everything. What took you so long as I timing is everything. Obviously I wasn’t in the mind-state that I needed to be to achieve what I have now achieved. So timing is everything. Just because you may not quite achieve your goal this time, it might’ve been that the timing was just not quite right.
Doesn’t mean you don’t give it another crack. You know, I’ve given my journey. I don’t know how many cracks over the many years of my adult life, always hoping to get to a goal weight. I’ve never really actually set a goal like, because I, I actually had a goal size before I had a goal weight for the fact that I didn’t know what weight I needed to be that size. Cause I’d never been at in my adult life. So yeah, pretty amazing. Pretty, it does blow my mind now that I look back at photos and look at me going, that was really me. And that probably would be another tip. Actually make sure you take the photos and take the measurements because there will be days that you feel crappy and that you feel like you have achieved nothing, but you do a side by side photo and you, it will rock your world and it will keep you going. 

I didn’t see a difference in the mirror until I probably lost nearly 20 kilos. And that’s massive. Like people were noticing it before I started really noticing it and that original photo, which you will see on my Facebook page, it’s horrible. I look miserable. I look so unwell. I look older than what I do now, which is amazing. I’ve wound back the clock by, I dunno, people say 10 years, but take the photo and just keep it like, you don’t have to show anybody. I didn’t show anybody that photo, my first sets of body shots, I took selfies because I was even too embarrassed to get my husband to take photos, which is really quite sad. Take the photos and take the measurements because sometimes you will find that you are your body composition changes without necessarily the scales changing. Yes, I would add those optics in brilliant ones. 

Okay. If anyone wants to go and join Karissa’s Facebook group, I’ll put the link in the show notes over at the website. 

There any other best ways to contact you otherwise? 


No, that would be it that’s the best way. You can DME just straight through that page as well, if you so wish. Cause there are a lot of people that don’t necessarily want to post directly on the page, especially in the beginning, but please don’t be afraid to just send me a message. Awesome. Thanks so much for your time today. It’s been a pleasure to like witness you in the last year and a bit. Thank you, Lindsay, and thank you for your help throughout my journey as well. Also being an incredible part of the 30 day journeys that I do through the group as well. Part of those journeys, you do actually get a bit of Lizzie’s wisdom as well.


If you are struggling with the need to please having a professional to help you identify your habits will fast-track you to rewrite the behaviours that have kept you stuck in the past. As a cognitive behavioural therapist who has spend the past decade dedicated to this work. I would love to support you on your healing journey. Contact me today!

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