Get back in the driver's seat of your life.

Write your own rules, sing your song of freedom, and dance into expansion.

You’re here because you’re ready to stop… 

Stop putting other people’s needs in front of your own. 

Stop feeling unhappy, frustrated, and overwhelmed. 

Stop using excuses as to why you’re not taking care of yourself.

Stop feeling as though your happiness comes last. 

You’re here because you’re ready to stop being “good.” 

You’re ready to get back to who you are and what you need. 

You’re ready to build your confidence and learn how powerful you are. 

You’re ready to unlock a world without overwhelm, self-doubt, hesitation, people-pleasing, self-sabotage, perfectionism, imposter syndrome, and fear. 

You’re ready (finally) to step into your magic and enjoy your life. 

And this is where you do it.

It’s time to…

Prioritise YOU.

A three-month therapy and mentorship experience that’s focused on creating a space that gets your mind & body rocking so you can start believing in yourself, trusting your inner niggles, and following your path without the guilt!

It's time to prioritise YOU.

You need to walk a path connected with your soul if you want to express yourself fully. That means you need to live without the weight of responsibility placed on your shoulders because of what you think you ‘should’ be doing.

In Prioritise You, I weave positive psychology, cognitive behavioural therapy, practicality, and honesty into mentorship sessions that get you there. 

Here’s what the program looks like:

  • 90-day transformative program including both mentoring sessions and work for you to do on your own.
  • Six 60-minute deep-dive sessions where we cover what’s going on in your life right now.
  • Customized “Homework” to help you reflect on what you’ve learned in our sessions and continue to do the work outside of our calls.

This program was made for you if, at the end of the day, you want nothing more than freedom—freedom to take a holiday, freedom to do whatever you want without worrying about other people, freedom to prioritise you!

It’s time for you to break the rules and write your story in a way that feels good to you. 

Before you say “yeah, right” and start doubting yourself, here’s exactly how we do this.

During the 60-minute sessions, we:

  • Look at your thoughts and behaviours, so we can identify where to spend energy unlocking your patterns using Cognitive Behaviour Therapy.
  • Use the space to address problems and big feelings while we release the stress and overwhelm you carry around. 
  • Learn to make decisions with your best interest in mind while creating supportive boundaries.
  • Retrain your mind, so you take positive action using Positive Psychology. 

And within these transformative sessions, you’ll get the space to take a big breath, exhale, and trust in yourself, allowing you to see your marvelous light and limitless possibilities as you step into your truth.

“Before working with Lizzie life was very confusing, I felt like I was adrift and unsupported! There have been many ups and downs during our time working together and Lizzie has never given up on me even when I was really down!

I have the support of Lizzie… whenever I need a boost, some advice, a kick in the pants, or just someone to listen and understand me! My biggest aha moment was when I broke through my need to push and control everything! Lizzie has helped me to do my very best, to achieve what I want but also what I need.

So thank you, for everything and I look forward to many more years of life and growth together!”

– Celestine


Hey mate. I'm Lizzie.

Writer, Educator, Mentor & Storyteller

Qualifications: Diploma of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Certificate in Positive Phycology, Certified Life Coach, Diploma of Graphic Design, Certificate of Fine Art

Like you, I’m a creative. A wanderer and a rebel who never wants to stop exploring the magic of life. 

But a few years ago, I realized something. I realized that my passion and purpose for exploring life were being quelled by my need to please others. So, like many in 2020, I was thrown into a reckoning moment. One where I had to face so many truths that I was running from. One where I saw with pure clarity how much of myself I had given up to make others comfortable. And that set me on a journey. 

A journey that pushed me to stop being a “yes, man” and asked me to start saying yes to myself. One that asked me to embody all that I am. One that showed me that I could shine my light in the world without apologizing for the brightness. 

And it changed everything. The work was deep and profound, and now I’m on a mission to show that path to as many people as possible.

I’m here to reflect all that you can be. Not just what you are in this moment. I’m here to help you unleash your dreams and see that you don’t have to compromise your love for others to do it. You can set boundaries. You can speak up for yourself. And you can do it without fear, self-doubt, or guilt. 

And although the thought of change may make you a little nervous, rest assured, I go at your pace, with empathy and intuition. 

Together is how we will change your life forever.

Life is for living, so let’s create the life you want. 

It’s time to ​​create the life you’re being called to live. It’s time to create with passion & purpose and drop the excuses. No more self-doubt, fear, overwhelm, or hesitation. 

You’re writing your own rules and living your life unapologetically. 

You've got two options:

VIP Treatment

  • 90 day transformative program
  • 6 Private 1 hour sessions with Lizzie to laser focus on your needs
  • Customized homework
  • Start anytime!


Group Experience

  • 90 day transformative program
  • 6 x 1 hour group sessions with Lizzie
  • Customized homework
  • Private FB group
  • Kick off on the 1st of the month!



It was such a fascinating trip of self-discovery to go so deep… and discover my true spirit essence.


Lizzie, I really appreciate your time, knowledge, and encouragement and am already incorporating the learnings in all aspects of my life, living with more power whilst embodying my true spirit essence and living authentically.

Thanks so much again for developing this unique experience and creating a truly safe environment to be open and honest.”

— Jules

Of course, you’ve got some damn questions! Who wouldn’t? 

Click on any of the buttons on this page, and fill out my contact form. We will tee up a time to either have a quick chat to make sure it is a good fit or book a session. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.

Yep, it’s scary to invest in yourself, I get it. Especially when it comes to Prioritising You! This program is a three month transformational journey that will change your life. And it’s a steal at this price because the lessons learned will be with you forever.


Personalised 1:1 experience: £800 (3 x £270) – roughly $1000USD or $1400AUD OR

Group experience: £300 (3 x £100)  roughly $340USD or $530AUD (5 people max per group)

This program is designed to help you finally be able tot trust yourself.

Each of the 6 sessions is 60 minutes and takes place online via Zoom. This allows you to be flexible and have your sessions at home, in the office, or wherever you’re able to focus best.

Absolutely! I love working with anyone who is ambitious enough to choose themselves, so it doesn’t matter where you live. I am currently based in Scotland but don’t worry, I have clients in the UK & Europe, the United States, and all over Australia!