$37 USD One-Time Payment

Boundary Builder Workbook

An extensive guide to show you how to build boundaries & find your freedom!


♡ The Boundary Builder 41-Page Workbook
Learn what stops you from setting boundaries, how to tackle guilt, handle difficult situations and find the right words to set boundaries with grace with this five-part workbook that asks all the right questions + has bonus journal prompts.


 45min Boundary Masterclass
Learn everything you need to know about boundaries with this in-depth series presented by a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist (that's me!) You will look at boundaries completely differently after this!

♡ 45 Affirmation Cards for people-pleasers
Start each day by shuffling these cards to remind you that YOU matter and deserve to be respected. Think of it as a power boost!

♡ My Journaling Playlist
Set the mood with my relaxing mixtape of tunes that I personally use each day for journaling.