$27 USD One-Time Payment

The Authentic Life Yearly Planner

Explore what you deeply desire, release excess baggage, set goals that put a smile on your face and map out how to make it happen.

Whether it’s gaining clarity for the year ahead or mapping out your action steps, there’s a way forward that feels good - and we’re going to tackle it together.

What you'll get:

The Authentic Life Yearly Planner Workbook: This 34-page guide will walk you through releasing the past year, creating your vision for the future and mapping out your personalised roadmap to make it all happen. 


 BONUS 90-minute Goals with Inntetion Workshop: That focuses on how to break down your goals into actional steps, prioritising what needs to come first. This is the inspiration hit to see you through, I share some mindset hacks, share a meditation and practical planning insights. It's the perfect ally to the workbook. 

 BONUS Weekly Framework Masterclass: Map out your weekly rhythm and put your needs back on the table. This is the workshop to help you allocate time to doing more of the things you love.  

 BONUS: My Personal Journalling playlist: This is my favourite music to contemplate life and connect with myself to dream big.