3 Simple steps to Nurture Your List

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You are probably thinking why should I¬†nurture my email list? It’s there for me to promote what I¬†am doing and my products and services, right?


Ok, its a little of that, but the whole reason why you want to nurture your email list is to gain your ideal clients trust and loyalty. In return, they will be more than happy to listen to you when you are sharing with them your latest products and services.

The first time I created an email list I was getting over 300 hits a day on my blog. I didn’t realise the importance of what your list could for you. Within the first three months of creating a subscribe form and my first ever opt-in, I had landed 400 email subscribers. It was huge!

What I had to learn then was how to look after my readers (my ideal clients). They were the ones who supported me and wanted more from me. They were the ones who came to my events, workshops and bought my ebooks.

These days, I have my newsletter nurturing down to a fine art. I know what my ideal clients want and I help them as much as I can. When it comes time to launch a product they are willing to listen because I have given them so much value.


TIP ONE: Love notes

Decide on how often you want to email your subscribers and send them newsletters. I tend to stick to monthly emails, it seems like my perfect sweet spot and I get better open rates than sending emails weekly or fortnightly.

Make this a habit, schedule it into your calendar the first Tuesday of the month, the 22nd of each month. Whatever works for you and your business.

In each of your love notes, share something that has been happening with you and how it relates to your business.

The Point Рschedule your newsletters and share a little bit of you

TIP TWO: Invite them to Party

Your website and social media accounts are where all the action is, so why not invite your ideal clients to the party. Show them your latest blog posts, the latest testimonials or even an article you found interesting.

Help them to feel good, help them problem solve, give them some great advice and point them to where the party is (your website – no sales people! just information)

The Point – share with them where the party is happening social media or your blog

TIP THREE: Give them a glass of champagne

One of the biggest things to keep your readers loyal is offering them deals or exclusive offers. It doesn’t necessarily have to be huge, it can be a workbook, template, printable or even a fun little video to make their day.

You might like to give them exclusive pre-sale discounts on your latest event (40% off) or it could be inviting them to a networking event. Make your loyal readers feel wanted and nurtured.

Becuase when it comes to the day, you actually start selling and marketing your products they are ready to listen to you and see what you have to offer.

The Point – gain their trust and reward them for being loyal

BONUS TIP: Create a nurture sequence when your ideal clients opt-in to sign up for your newsletter.¬†What’s a Nurture Sequence and Why do I Need One? A nurture sequence is a series of emails to promote your work and to lead them to buy a service or product from you. It’s a tasteful way to sell, first you gain trust then you can share with them what you have to offer. I will blog very soon about how to create your own nurture sequence.

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