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Staying on track each week is so important when working on your goals and running your day-to-day business.  There are so many elements that we do each week for our business that repeat I like to actually have a checklist to make sure I get these things done.

My friends and family will all vouch that I am the most organized person they know. Perhaps a little too organized but my life is built up with foundations and routines to keep me chugging along.

Not only does it help me in my business to create success and inspire. My personal life is also equally organized. Our daily rhythm is the same most days we created a framework so it is flexible but things like meal time and naps take priority. The joys of having small kids, right.

It works though. We have slots between meals where we allow things to happen, we might go for a walk around our house in the rainforest, we might do some crafting, or even go for a swim in the creek. I like to have a little flexibility but time frames to work on.

Doing this in my business is exactly the same. I map out my work time from my personal life and I break it down into hours. I allocate tasks that need to be done each week and then the other fun stuff that needs to happen. I always like to get the stuff I don’t like doing out of the way first.

Though there is a rule that I apply to productivity. So I know when I am most productive and my energy is flowing and I am creating my best work. This is the time I actually spend creating content, planning and creating new things.

When I am less productive (after lunch 1pm – 5pm) this is when I schedule in things that don’t need as much from me. Like scheduling social media, interacting with my tribe on social or even cleaning up my inbox. It’s not that I don’t want to put love into these things. I do but I know that they don’t need as much energy from me to make them happen.

Acknowledging when you are most productive will really set you and your business up for success.

I plan my week either the Friday afternoon or Sunday night leading into the week. I like to know exactly what needs doing, where I may need to travel, which clients I have for the week and when.

I fill out my planner so I have all my important things mapped out that must happen. Then I tackle everything else. I have a checklist of all the things I do each week as a freebie at the bottom of this post for you to download.

Then I create my to-do list. These are often some of my main tasks broken down into smaller actions. I like to check off each step, it means I have put in 100% into each task and I know when I have finished it.

For example, when I do a blog post, on my to-do list I would write: create content, pictures, proofread, social media images and check SEO.

Now I am a creature of habit and this flow works really well for me. Not only do I have my week mapped out in front of me. I also have clear tasks for the week. Sometimes a few extra sneaky ones appear. That’s ok. But I number my tasks, highlight what I am currently working on or need to do urgently and then I move on to the next.

Click the link below to get my FREE Printable Weekly planner that every entrepreneur needs on their desk each week. It has a checklist of must do items plus loads of space for you to write down your list of thing to do for the week. It is a part of the Entrepreneurs Toolkit.

I would love to hear more about how you plan out your week, drop me a comment below.


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