Morning Routines with Lina Skukauskė

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Oprah, Richard Branson & Barack Obama all have morning routines and so do many inspiring entrepreneurs that I follow. There must be something good about it. In today’s episode, I talk with Lina Skukauskė about how we can incorporate a beautiful morning routine into our lives to start our day with intention.

I have known Lina for a couple of years now and her beautiful Instagram posts and stories inspire me each day to deepen my morning practice. There are many simple things that can be incorporated to give your day the best start and we are going to cover it all.

Lina Skukauskė is a Self-belief Coach and Energy Psychology practitioner who helps awakening women through mindset shifts, increased self-awareness & gorgeous self-care practices she leads creative, heart-centered women to fully trust their intuition & Divine guidance, own their gifts and change the world for the better through unique expression of their souls.

Since recording this episode with Lina my morning routine has become deeper and longer and I am finding it a non-negotiable each day.


Biggest Takeaways

  • Tips to help you incorporate a morning routine
  • It takes discipline, patience and practice when starting
  • Morning routines bring a heightened sense of awareness to your life


  • How Lina went from not being a morning person to exploring morning routines (2.38)
  • Exploring morning routines with her partner and what they looked like at the beginning (6.03)
  • Benefits of morning routines (8.04)
  • Setting boundaries for everyone to help start your day (9.40)
  • How journaling in the morning is more powerful (10.40)
  • Lina’s current morning routine (11.34)
  • How long a morning routine may take (16.49)
  • Lina shares how she is flexible with her morning routine when she travels and when things change around her (17.55)
  • A list of things you can incorporate into your mornings (20.44)
  • My personal shift from going to working nights to mornings and how that changed me (24.01)
  • Tips to incorporate morning routines (25.07)
  • Work backwards with your time and to know how much sleep you need (29.01)
  • How morning routines bring you more awareness (30.01)


Links mentioned in this episode
You can find out more about Lina here –

Lina’s Instagram:


The Artists Way by Julia Cameron

The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod

Oracle Cards by Kim Krans:

Ayurveda Doshas –


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