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A Guide to Saying No Without Guilt: 7 Steps for People-Pleasers

Tiny Buddha – March 2022

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3 Things I Realized When I Stopped People-Pleasing and Let Myself Receive

Tiny Buddha – March 2022

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The 6 Personalities of People-Pleasing and How I Overcame Them

Tiny Buddha – March 2021

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12 Signs you’re a People Pleaser.

Elephant Journal – February 2021

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AWARD: Finalist in The Beautiful You Book/Podcast/Product of the Year  – March 2020

AWARD: Finalist in The Beautiful You Program/Event of the Year – March 2020

MENTION: 50 Best Business Coaches to follow in 2020– January 2020

AWARD: Finalist in the Beats Awards – Professional Business & Service – August 2019

FEATURED: Tips for creating your best life with Tash Gutherie – March 2019

GUEST SPEAKER: Signature Soul Program with Dominique Oyston – March 2019

GUEST SPEAKER: Sharing Soulful Stories with Jo Gillard – February 2019

FEATURED: F Magazine: Celebrating Female Success – October 2018

FEATURED: 6 Perfect Podcasts for Biz Mums – August 2018

GUEST SPEAKER: Her Self-Made Empire Sumit – March 2018