Manifesting your dreams V’s Crushing Your Goals

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Let’s be honest here, Manifesting Dreams v’s Crushing your Goals – is the same THING! In the past month, I’ve come to realise I talk more about manifesting than I do goal setting. Which is interesting so I thought I would dive a little deeper into this.  There has been a lot of stigma around those that hustle to get where they are and those that are living in alignment manifesting their life to success. 

FIRST – What is Manifesting? – Most people seem to believe that manifesting is totally woo-woo and that it is not the way to run your life or your business. However the word manifest means to bring something to life/form – Does that not equal success – like you actually have created something. 

SECOND – Crushing your goals, boom! You have crossed the finish line and put in the effort to make something a reality. The word goal means a result in which you are trying to achieve. Therefore completing and reaching the end of what you desire? 

So here is where I’m at.

Yes, I use the word manifest more, why? I think it is because, with time, this ol’ girl is getting more feminine in the way she moves through life. Now that is not to say that manifesting is ONLY feminine and Goal setting is only masculine. I still hustle hard for things that I want, I get tunnel vision and do everything in my power to make something happen if I want it. Masculine energy is powerful, it enables us to take action, to build, work hard when required. Where the feminine energy is more playful, dreamy and creative – which is also very useful.

I now believe we need both energies to manifest our dreams and crush our goals.  It’s not just one or the other – it’s both! Sorry!!

If both manifesting and reaching your goals are the same thing how can we do it better using our masculine & feminine energy to support us.  I’m going to break down my version of manifesting which I have used to move us to the other side of the world during a pandemic, worked with incredible keynote speakers, book out my coaching services, and loads of other cool things. 


1. Clear Your Space

Before I even allow myself to get all starry-eyed and dreamy, I let my masculine energy take an audit of my life & biz and what needs to go. This allows me to be less attached emotionally to things that may have not worked out in the past. I take a good look around at my surroundings, myself, my biz and my relationships. What needs to change, what do I need to let go of, where am I hanging on, what no longer serves me.

It’s about decluttering, forgiveness and creating space for something new to begin. 

I do this energetically, cleanse the house, chuck out things that are not being used or needed to keep moving forward, a good soak in the bath and then journaling through any discoveries. The healing in this section comes from the gentle feminine energy that nurtures our soul. Forgiveness is our greatest gift.

2. Decide What it is you Want 

Start off by letting your feminine energy run wild, be in nature, dance, swirl, move your body any way it calls, be free. Allow your creativity to be activated, dream, write it down, what are the possibilities you dare give to yourself with bold reclamation. I like to dance in this energy for a few days usually around a new moon. Percolating and sitting with what I could have, be, do, want.

Finally, I call on my masculine energy to help me curate a list that is real for me. Generally, I ask myself is this what I want – I wait for a full-body F*CK YES (thanks feminine energy) and then I write it down with conviction (thanks masculine)  Knowing, self-belief, courage I feel is the middle ground where we have both masculine and feminine energy working together. 

Your Dreams/Goals need to be made for you, dropping the “I should be doing this” “that” or “the other”. Your dreams need to light your fire, they need to fill your heart once they have come to life. This comes with inner wisdom but putting them down in black & white is crucial.  Because from this place we then know what we need to do to make it a reality. 

3. Create a Positive Container of Support

Energy is all around us, and when we need to feel good to take action towards those goals & dreams. Which means we need a positive container around us. Start in your home, does your space support you, inspire you, keep you motivated? If not how can you change that up – does that require more twinkle lights, plants, exotic artifacts or a change in roommates? What about your relationships – are they filling you up – do you feel supported, cheered on, or drained and exhausted? People have energy too, build a group around you that brings you alive. 

Share your vision with those you love in order to help bring it to life and to get the support you need in the process. My goals are always mulled over with my hubby and biz besties, I then go on to create a desktop background with my vision of what Im wanting to achieve to remind myself what I’m working towards. 

A few tips:

  • Post-it notes of love around your house
  • Vision Board somewhere you can see it to remind you of your goals <READ THIS>
  • Build a team of supporters who lift you up

4. Inspired Action

Alright, it’s game time, we know what we want, our environment is ready to support us, let’s go. I use my masculine energy to get shit done. I schedule a time to tackle tasks on my to-do list that brings me closer to creating my dream life. I practice self-discipline of when it’s work time and playtime, I’m all about harmony between masculine and feminine energies, you can’t work in masculine for long periods of time and not burn out. So it’s important to use the masculine energy when it’s called for, to tick things off your list. But also know that rest is required along the way. 

For those that are creatives like me, I use my masculine energy to get myself in front of my computer and ready to write, I’m still allowing myself to be creative while on task but I’ve allocated my best times for this magic to happen. Instead of dancing away my most productive hours, I use them wisely.  I also know that when I go into a week of wild creation that I too need to step out and take a breath of fresh air to rest and refill my cup. 

In action comes results. Write a tod0 list every day with your 3 things that need to be accomplished and do them. No excuses. Practice self-discipline and dedication to your art/goal/dreams. With every step, you take the closer you are to reaching your dreams.

5. Receive & Celebrate

Once the momentum starts behind you, you will no doubt see a shift around you, things might start happening to support your cause, little coincidences and everything falling into place. Be OPEN to receive help, support and the fruition of your inspired action unfold. 

Bringing your dreams to life is an incredible feeling, it takes time, inspired action, direction and self-belief. A mixture of masculine and feminine energy is required to pull it off. Getting across the finish life should come with a huge celebration. Acknowledge your achievement because after all, you put the wheels into motion to make it happen.  Accept it and jump on and do it all again.

Now, let’s talk about how something just doesn’t come to life, I’m a big believer in timing and I want to share that sometimes we might push more than we allow and this means that we are meeting resistance to our goals/dreams. This usually means there is work to be done back in step one – clearing your space. I use Cognitive Behaviour Therapy with my clients to dig deep into patterns and behaviors and how they play a role in stopping us from getting what we want.  This is why clearing is so important. Find your method, it could be decluttering your house, journaling, talking to a therapist.  Our actions must always be driven by our desires and not limited by others. 


There you have it, manifesting-dreams with energetics, ruling out the possibility that one is better than the other – when really they are the same thing. They get the same result – they bring something to form that we desire. It’s just depending on which energy we are in as to how we articulate what we are doing.  It’s alright to hustle towards our goals, it’s okay to be visualising the dream. 

Q – How does your energy move through this process, I’m keen to hear.

And if you want a session to look at your behaviors and patterns my books are officially open for CBT Cognitive Behaviour Therapy 🙂

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