Managing a Multi Passionate life with Milina Opsenica

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On the Wild Success Podcast today, I talk with Milina Opsenica, who is a multi-passionate business owner who works as a photographer and a menstrual cycle educator. We chat about how to manage everyday life, how to trust your intuition and work from a place of vision & passion. It’s such a beautiful episode.


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On the Wild Success Podcast today, I talk with Milina Opsenica, who is a multi-passionate business owner who works as a photographer and a menstrual cycle educator. As a photographer. She helps small business owners and women entrepreneurs to be seen in their business. Providing honest and creative images that represent your brand, that connects you with your ideal clients. 

As a menstrual cycle educator, she works with mothers and their preteen daughters, empowering them to be confident with their first period, creating a rite of passage around this transition and letting go of the stigma and shame around periods. Milina’s mission is to help women young and old see themselves and the beauty that lies within in. This episode Milina and I talk about being a multi-passionate woman. She shares some big tips on how to manage everyday life, how to trust your intuition and work from a place of vision & passion. It’s such a beautiful episode. Let’s dive in.

Milina, thank you so much for joining me on the show today. 


Hi Lucy. I’m so excited to be here and having this chat with you and just to see your face over. I know people can’t see it, but I can. And it’s so good to see you. 

I know the pleasures of recording. We now have videos and all the things. Milina, I’m really excited to talk today because it’s something that I’ve always been very curious about because I’m very much a person who does one thing at a time and not very good at juggling things. So hats off to yourself. Do you want to share what it is you do and how you ended up doing these things? 


Yes, Of course. I’m actually like you, I only do one thing at a time. I’m the type of person who does get overwhelmed if I have a lot going on. In saying that I have really developed a lot of trust since I was quite a young girl, actually I trust a lot. When I have inspiration or I have ideas, I have to trust what is being put in front of me. I have gone down this route now of having two businesses, which along with having three kids is sometimes quite overwhelming. So yeah, so firstly, I’m a photographer. That was the first business that I started to run myself. I was initially at home with three young children. I had three kids under three, and I tography had always been something that I really enjoyed doing. I was just playing with my camera. I started blogging and posting pictures of my kids, just kind of doing the everyday things. 

Telling the story of what our family was like. My kids are all very loud kids. There was a lot of action in those stories. As that developed, I started working more with photography and started shooting families and weddings. This has been, we lived in Victoria, we moved out here and I saw a real need. As I started to see a lot more business women and work networks within business women, I saw a real need for women to tell their story in their business and to show up in their business. Early last year I pivoted and made more of an effort to work with business women and small businesses to tell their story and to help them kind of show up in their business because that was something that I struggled with myself for one, but also saw that there was this real need for, so that’s the first business. 

The second business is something entirely left of field. Now that I look back on everything that I’ve been through as I was growing up and through my teens and even then becoming a mother, I can see that a lot of things have led me to do this. My second business is I run workshops for preteen girls and their mothers on the menstrual cycle. It’s all about empowering our young girls to be confident with their first periods, as well as creating a Rite of passage around this transition and to just to empower girls. There’s still so much to boot and around periods and my story again, it was a lot of learning about my own cycle. I know you had Rachel recently and this whole, entire world of being as a woman that I was not aware of. It wasn’t until, a few years ago that I came across all of this and I thought, I do not want this for my daughters. 

I don’t want my daughters to go through their teens, not liking their body or not understanding it, or then, through their twenties and having a real disconnect from something that is actually really powerful. I created this to help my own daughters, but then I saw this need for my friends who were having daughters go through the same ages and not knowing how to speak to them about the changes their bodies were going through, but also to open up more conversations. It’s not just about periods, it’s about having all of the awkward conversations that we need to have. Our girls don’t have to either suffer or have to heal through the same things that we had to suffer or heal through. I kind of feel like the second business has been a bit of a download. I don’t know if you’ve read Elizabeth Gilbert’s big magic, but when I had the idea of doing this work, I thought I have to run with this because this idea of this consciousness is seeing me for a reason and I can’t let this go. 

So I have to run with it. That’s how I came to be doing the two of them. I do feel like I do trust that these two things are with me for a reason I do all I can to kind of work with both of these things. I, I kind of feel like my work with mothers and young teens will keep developing and keep growing into something that is, about more conversations or about more knowledge and more understanding. Yeah, so that’s in a nutshell, the two businesses that I have, my two passions that I have turned into businesses. 

I love how you just phrase that my two passions turned into my businesses. Yes you’ve trusted the process, but it’s true things that you very passionate about is that women in business get to share that story and that, moms and preteens are having conversations around periods that it’s comfortable not to go. 

Yeah. Yeah. I, and it wasn’t like that for me to start with, I had to really change my own story. I know that if I can do it, then I know that I can help others do it as well. 

Being the quiet multi-passionate woman that you are, because they’re going to call it, multi-passionate because you’re running two businesses in my eyes. I’m like, Whoa, can you explain that? 

Yeah. I guess one thing that I’ve always kind of known is that I’ve always wanted to work from home. I’ve always wanted to be a mother who has a business from home and works from home. Having these both businesses, which enables me to do that is firstly really great, but I guess it comes down to again, trusting the process and trusting my intuition because I don’t think I ever intended to do two things. Like I said, it was, I am someone who does overwhelm easily and I need a lot of rest and I need a lot of time away from other people. 

So there’s a lot. Of things to manage that. I think more than being multi-passionate, I think it’s more just trusting that what has come to me are both things that it’s more about the impact that I can make on the people that I’m working with. At times I think maybe I could just do one of these things, but then I think of the impact that I’m making to the other group. I can see it on both sides. I hear it from both sides and, with my photography, I love seeing just how much an impact it does make on business women who have never kind of shown their face on a website or never shown their face on a social media story, but going through the process of having a photo shoot, I can see it before my eyes, literally before my eyes, how much confidence they grow just in front of me. 

To see how women just go and use image after image and plaster themselves when they haven’t done before. It’s just, it lights me up to see that taking a few photos, which some people say a few snaps has this impact on these women or these small business owners that help them show up. Again, on the other side, I know that these young women who really get to understand their bodies right from the time that they start menstruating will be a massive game changer in how they look at their own bodies for the rest of their life. If they get to understand how it works properly and how to listen to their bodies, you and I are both big feeling people. If we can teach our girls and even our boys, but I think particularly our girls, because there has been such a disconnect through the generations, how to listen and feel what their bodies are telling them. 

They’re just going to flourish a lot more than the struggles or the trauma that we might’ve had to deal with. When we’re younger, it’s all about the impact I love. It’s all about the impact, make being of service. 

And making an impact. I love this. Over the last couple of years, pivoting is moving because obviously being in business as a photographer quite some time, but what’s been your biggest learning experience. 

I think I’m always learning. That’s actually probably who I am. I think when I was growing up and I would go away with my friends, that’d be, that’ll take a novel, like, we’d go away to the beach for a few weeks and they’d take novels and I’d take self-help books and think something was wrong with me because I had to I’m like, why am I something wrong with me? Cause I want to make myself better. And they’re all just reading novels. So I think it’s a constant learning. Yeah. I think the biggest learning has been to do things that suits me to not follow a particular framework or a particular way of doing things because sometimes I try it and it just doesn’t work. I’ve realized now that is because I don’t fit into that framework. There might be parts of me that fits into that framework, but not entirely. 

Figuring out what it is that works for me has been the biggest learning. That could be that, like I said before, I need a lot of time away from people. I need a lot of rest time. I’m not the type of person to go all the time. I’ve just come across recently, the human design that everyone’s talking to. My gosh, it is just, it’s kind of a lot of light bulbs going off and I have to, it will be a constant learning. I tell my kids that as well, like I’m always learning just because you think, one thing, it doesn’t mean you need, everything. Yeah, the biggest learning has been to work out what works for me and to go with that’s huge. Right. Really, really is huge because I’ve done many have worked with coaches and I’ve worked under different frameworks and I’ve done little online workshops and there have been aspects that have worked for me, but nothing in its entirety. 

I don’t think there can ever be, well, not for me anyway. One thing that works until I figure it out, what that is for myself. 

Well, what it means to you. Yeah. Like what’s the thing. I think a lot of us, like, it’s just, we take little pieces from all around the place and then we compile them in ourselves and we make our own rules, how it works for us. I love this. You talk about managing quite a lot. 

So have you got some tips for. Us on how to manage, I guess, life business, when you’re someone who’s very motivated. 

Again, I think that comes down to who you are as a and either what lights you up and how you’re able to work. I’m not a type of person who can consistently work and consistently put in the same amount of energy day in, day out that floors me and I get really exhausted and, I can’t manage anything. Again, it’s a real learning process and it’s something that I have, I feel like I have to be on top of quite a lot. For me, rest is a really big part of managing things and getting time to myself. With three kids, that’s not always possible. I do try to make sure I have some time to myself. If I don’t, I think the whole family pays for it because yeah, it’s just a, it’s a hard thing to manage when I don’t get rest. I do try to prioritize, even if it’s, going for a walk kind of just something that allows me to exclude myself from other people and to ground myself and my mind and my thoughts and so forth. 

Definitely rest again, listening to those little whispers or the niggles or the intuition, whatever you want to call it. Trusting that I think the more aligned we are with our thoughts or with our intuition, the easier it is to manage things. It’s that, and I’m just actually realizing this now, as I say it right. It’s that, flowing downstream rather than trying to go upstream. Yeah, listening to our intuition and going with those kinds of things, getting help, this has been something that I found quite difficult because I’m not one to delegate because I, it’s just easier and quicker to do it myself. I have found that when I am able to give things over, it just frees me up to do things that I really love to do, and I’d rather be doing the things that I love to do rather than either taking a long time to do things that I don’t want to do or sitting procrastinating, doing the things that. 

I don’t want to do it. Another thing would be to redefine what actually success means for me or to rewrite what my own story is. I think we have a kind of pinnacle of what success looks like, and it means reaching this amount of money or doing certain things. For me, that was kind of, well, of course, earning money is something, but for me, it was always working from home and being at home. I could go to the kids’ athletics if I wanted to or go and take the kids to school or help them out at school or do those kinds of things. That for me, I still need to remind myself that I have this and it’s wonderful because it’s all I’ve ever wanted. 

Perfectly into my next question. So how do you define success? 

Well, I have a cleaner. 


Something that yeah, having it cleaned out was like, okay, I’ve kind of made it when I have someone to clean my house because I do not like cleaning the house. I like having a clean house, but I don’t like cleaning and yeah. Working from home and being at home. I can, like I said, be with the kids, see the kids when I want to. Also I’ve realized now that success means doing things for myself. I’m not the type of person who really can work for someone else and thrive. I need to be doing what I feel like is my calling, I suppose. Yes, I want to make a lot of money doing it. Sometimes that’s a journey and again, rewriting stories and all those kinds of things that we’re all quite familiar with now. Yeah, it means that I can be at home and feel really at peace. 

I think success for means peace. I love that. 

Once again, like it’s making your own rules around what it is for you and the importance for you as being at home with your family, like you and I have very similar values in that regard as well. Like I want to pick up my kids. I want to make sure that I’m home in the afternoons to hang out and do the things, I’m sure there’s gonna be a stage when they get older and have their own things going on and I’ll hate driving them. Like I signed up to that. Yeah. I choose that. That’s a part of my own success and those stories that we tell ourselves, what is true to us? What do we need to feel in your case? a piece. 

Yeah. Which is interesting too, the whole being at home with the kids, or even now that they’re at school, which, I did find it really hard to be at home with their kids when they were younger, because I need so much time alone. And it was very intense, still is. Like this morning I could take my daughter to the orthodontist and take that time out where I knew I had to finish some work this morning. I was up early, finished some work, took her to the orthodontist, but then sometimes I’m like, I don’t realize just how good they’ve got it. 

With a mom that just does stuff all the time. 


And, but, you know, that’s, I suppose. The ripple effects will come maybe 2030. Yes. I think that now with my little four year old, some days I’m like you have, and they’ll remember. Yeah. Yeah, 

That’s true. I think I always wanted that because I didn’t have it. It was important to me, but then Gosh, yeah. Sometimes it gets intense. 

Absolutely. What has been the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given? 

I think recently the best piece of advice has been to work from my vision. Always think of where I want to be and work as if I’m already that person and make decisions as I’m already that person and show up as if I’m already that person. Yeah. That for me has been a bit of a game changer and also another one is to allow myself, this was like a, a key unlocking something, but allow myself more than what I need. Yeah, we need to work and we need to have this and we need to have that, but we can have much more than that as well. I think that’s one thing I’d been kind of holding myself back because I’d only been allowing what I needed rather than what I really wanted. I suppose too, when you’re being multi-passionate, there is a bit to manage. 

Getting the help that I want rather than just need, allows more to flow through and more creativity to work through as well. Yeah, that’s been a big one as well. 

Oh man. To distinguish the difference between our needs and our wants, like that’s huge. 

Massive. Yeah. I was playing that story in so many parts of my life where I was like, yeah, I don’t need that. I don’t even think, Oh, I just said to the kids, they don’t need that, but okay. If they want it, that’s fine. Or and not allowing myself something just because I didn’t need it when it’s okay to let ourselves have what we really want. That’s huge, it is big, isn’t it? That’s okay. 

Well we could spend all day talking about that. You and I, but identifying, and I think for a lot of people who are listening to this, I, if you can take one thing today, away from this conversation is differentiating what a need is and what a want is and where you’re actually putting your energy, like either blocking or allowing your life will just change dramatically. 

I think so many of us grew up in an environment where we only got all that you needed or sometimes struggled to get that. Allowing again, what we want, but also more than what we want. It’s a tough one because there’s a lot of things that come up around that. Yeah, it’s a good one to, just to be aware of. 

That’s the thing like I, once as well, like it’s very important to be clear on, it’s not coming from a place of ego and it’s a place of like, this is a genuine desire that I have not, coming from a place that isn’t going to actually serve our highest self, ? Yeah, absolutely. so for everybody, who’s been spying on my Instagram for the last six months. This talented lady has been the one who’s been, has taken my photos. In the show notes, you can find out her links for her photography, but also her be on the cusp of a business that works with preteens and mums and all for Instagram handles and Facebook links as well. Milina thank you so much for being on the show with me today. 


I thank you, Lizzie, and you were so much fun to work with, so it was shooting and I always love seeing you. 

Thank you so much for having me. It was actually, I found it really good to put the two together like this because I’ve, haven’t thought of it molded them together. This has been a great chance to do that. So thank you for that morning. What together, my businesses loading the two businesses together. So thank you for having me. Thank you. 


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