How do you get your audience to know, like and trust you with Mel Kettle

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How do you get your audience to know, like and trust you? On today’s episode, I speak with Mel Kettle a communication expert of over 25 years who is passionate about getting her clients to engage with their customers and build real relationships.

I met Mel almost ten years ago when I first dipped my toes into food blogging. And ever since we have always bumped into each other at blogging events. She is truly inspiring and her work as a speaker, mentor and training facilitator and now an author is such a good fit for this episode.

What we discuss in today’s episode will make you really start to consider how to make more meaningful connections with people around you but also people online. If you want to jump straight into the good stuff and start learning how you can get your audience to know like and trust you more then tune in at around the eight-minute mark.

And towards the end of the episode, there is a story that I think everyone needs to hear about Avid Reader a little bookstore based in Brisbane – one that I use to go to when I lived there. It truly will make you want to create a community around you and your business.

Loads of gold in this episode.


Biggest Takeaways

  • A touching story of how a bookstore’s community fights back with them
  • The power of asking questions is so important when it comes to communication
  • Referrals and social proof are great ways to build your business
  • The art of conversation and communication


  • Mel shares her story (2.29)
  • The many uses of Windex (5.33)
  • How to communicate and engaging by know, like and trust (8.09)
  • Getting to know your target audience (11.40)
  • Broadcasting a one- way of communication (12.50)
  • How people are buying from friends (14.41)
  • Facebook reviews and how what they say about your business (16.38)
  • How to open up a conversation (17.23)
  • How to make conversation (20.32)
  • Relationships are built naturally (22.30)
  • Word of mouth and why I am now driving 4 hours for a dentist appointment (23.30)
  • The way to get more referrals (25.17)
  • Asking questions and the power of research (25.51)
  • What Google can tell you about your business (26.30)
  • Google alerts (27.147)
  • Collaboration and community (28.26)
  • How a community fights back to save a bookstore (28.49)
  • Be curious and ask questions (30.48)


Links mentioned in this episode
Find out more about Mel Kettle –

Mel’s Book – The Social Association


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