Formula for an Irresistible Opt-In

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Growing your list is super important and there is no better way than creating an irresistible opt-in that is super clickable.

Opt-ins are sometimes called a freebie, offer or lead magnets. They are the thing that you give in exchange for an email address to serve your ideal clients. When crafting your opt-in offer to entice new subscribers on to your list you need to think about your ideal client. I highly recommend that you download my workbook to define your ideal client before continuing to design your offer.

I have designed loads of opt-in offers for multiple businesses I use a simple formula. So each time I create an offer, it answers a few basic questions and leads the potential dream client on a journey to take the next step.

Each offer is unique and it can be a simple PDF printout, a discount code, an email series, a video, an audio, a template, cheat sheet or even a workbook. I have even seen people give away books that they send in the mail!

Ok, you are ready to go, you know you need an offer that will get people clicking but what should it be? Let’s break it down. Your business is either a service or product, so how can you give them something for free to entice them to add their email address to your list? When creating your opt-in think about the following:

Serve your Ideal Clients

When creating your opt-in it should serve your ideal clients. What do they want or need help with? Does it solve a problem, how will it make them feel once they have received your gift?

Keep it simple and to the point. Don’t go out and make an epic 40-page ebook or spend weeks preparing something. A simple template could be all that your ideal client really needs.

You want your opt-in offer to be used immediately and give results straight away.

A Headline with Feeling

Catch the attention of your ideal clients with a headline that they can identify with, one that has feeling. When you apply your irresistible opt-in offer to your website you want to spark interest. For example right now I have a headline that reads: Overwhelmed in your biz, I can help! Set clear goals, organize your content and plan ahead with my Ultimate Biz Planner.  I could have simple said – get my biz planner to organize your business  but that does not sound as catchy.


Designing your freebie is so important. You want something that arrives in your ideal client’s mailbox with a BANG! When they open up the file and go wow, this gal has really got it, you know you’re on a winner. Not only is the information inside relevant and helpful it looks super professional.

Make sure to use high-quality images, great design, clean and simple layouts. If you totally suck at design then you can always head over to and get someone to help you.

Options of an opt-in could be a template, workbook, ebook, audio, meditation, a free cookbook or 5 ways to . .

CTA (call to action)

What is the next step you want your ideal client to take once they have received your amazing opt-in?

When I created my very first opt-in six years ago, I had no intention but to collect emails, that was it. How I have learned. Why do I ask this question, simply because from your amazing opt-in you can then point your ideal client to a blog post, your services or a product? At the end of my current opt-in, I  have a link to my service page.

What if you could show your client the next best thing to help them? They would stick around more on your website and get to know you. Creating a connection with you. hey, they may even learn to trust you. Which means when you come to sell something later in your newsletters they are ready to listen.

Leave me a comment below if you are currently working on your opt-in offer and wanting to create one that is irresistible to your dream clients.

FREE OPT IN FORMULA to make your dream clients sign up to your email list.
FREE OPT IN FORMULA to make your dream clients sign up to your email list.
FREE OPT IN FORMULA to make your dream clients sign up to your email list.


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