Inspired Social: Sally Hookey of Hinterland Feijoas

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Sally Hookey of Hinterland Feijoas is an innovator and inspiration to many small farm owners. Over the past few years they have turned their produce – feijoas – into gourmet products as well as selling them fresh and they have become highly sort after.

I met Sally years ago when I lived up on the Sunshine Coast and back then they were only a few years into their business. Now they have been featured on SBS, Sally has done a TED talk and keeps inspiring more people in the area to turn their farms into thriving businesses.

These days their Farm boasts a Food Van which is open Saturdays from 9-3 which of course offers tasty delights. And during feijoa season you can pick up fresh feijoas by the box full. But of course like all fantastic products you might want to put your name down early for a box so you don’t miss out.

Sally uses social media to connect directly with her audience and share what’s happening on the farm. I love that she is honest and realistic about her use of social media. I love it. I think more people need to hear that if you have an amazing idea that people will come and connect with you. Take a read below to read more.

Why did you start your business?

We always wanted to farm, and believed we could create a new niche market with Feijoas.

How has Social Media helped you to grow your business?

Social media is the only form of advertising we have done, and has enabled us to connect with and build a market for something completely new in this country.

What is personally your biggest challenge with Social Media?


What do you believe has helped you grow your business online?

Being able to tell our story from our heart, and sharing original images from our property, which is beautiful, so I do have a natural advantage there!

What is your Social Media routine?

I’m not really in a routine, except that I always let people know how the farm and seasons are traveling, and when we are open.

What’s the best advice you have been given and why has it helped grow your business online?

Let people into your lives and character, and they will connect. This is been really true for us, as we often feel like we know our customers through the joys of social media before we meet them.

When you get overwhelmed or frustrated what helps you stay motivated?

I belong to a lot of industry networks in the region, many offering refresher courses in social media. Going to these helps me understand where I’m at and if there are things I should be changing or aware of.

What would you share with someone who is just starting out or new to the power of Social Media?

Take your time to build your own unique style.

If you want to know more about Hinterland Feijoa’s pop over to their website or visit them on a Saturday when their farm is open to the public from 9am – 3pm and grab a bite from their food van.

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  1. Congratulations my “shy little friend”!! I cannot wait to see it all!! Blossoming has been your ‘art form’ since a young girl, so…..naturally you will draw people in and embrace your ideas and concepts. Dear Sal and Peter, it is all terrific and a wonderful achievement.

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