Identifying your Values with Heather Thorkelson

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On the podcast today I talk with Heather Thorkelson about the importance of understanding your values and how to identify them. She also shares some great insight into what it takes to create a business that aligns with your values.

Heather is a Canadian dual business owner based in rural Sweden. She’s spent the majority of her life living abroad since her family moved to Costa Rica when she was 14, after which she couldn’t shake the wanderlust of experiencing new places. After paying off her student debt working in the corporate world throughout her 20’s, Heather took the leap into entrepreneurship. She’s been a business consultant for incurable entrepreneurs since 2011, helping hundreds of small business owners grow livelihoods that honour their strengths and feed their bank accounts in equal measure. Then in 2015, she opened a polar expedition company which specializes in boutique small ship expeditions in the Arctic and Antarctic, which is quickly becoming the industry leader in her niche.


Biggest Takeaways

  • Taking risks is just one part of a business  but it sure does move it forward
  • The difference between a business that operates from their values to those that don’t
  • Customer service is golden
  • I now want to see polar bears




  • Heather shares how she became a dual business owner (2.01)
  • Going all-in on Business number two (8.21)
  • Entrepreneurship is an education (9.55)
  • Investing in business and taking risks (11.36)
  • Customer service as a priority (16.54)
  • What does a business with values look like (17.43)
  • How your personal values impact your business (20.15)
  • Tips to define your values (22.01)
  • Reverse engineering your values (26.52)
  • The best piece of advice we should all be living by (28.05)


Links mentioned in this episode
Find out more about Heather here –

Follow Heather on Insta –  @heatherthorkelson   or FB @HeatherThorkelsonBusinessStrategist


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