How to kick-ass with Facebook Groups

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Have you been totally hating Facebook?

Becuase you haven’t been getting much traction on your personal Business Page?

You are not the only one!

Facebook is changing and evolving always (who can keep up, honestly) and if you haven’t jumped into the world of Facebook Groups then now is the time. Facebook groups are now one of the leading ways to grow your business and convert followers into paying clients and customers.

I read recently that a consultant had 30% conversion rate from their Facebook Group*. Ah, that is pretty incredible. I nilly fell over when I heard that. Why is that so amazing, well, I like to think of it in terms of money if you had 100 people in your group that is 30 people that would buy from you. Say your product was $100 and you sold 30 that is $3000. Like I said amazing!!

Now don’t get me wrong I like the idea of converting my followers into paying clients. However what I love more about Facebook Groups is the sense of community. Call me a hippy, but it’s a place where people can hang out freely and discuss a topic in harmony. Yes, I am that girl.

Facebook groups can work for any business. From coaches to pet loving naturopaths, from authentic Mexican food products to natural handmade soaps. There are people out there who want to get REAL with you and what you love to talk about – your point of difference.

I bet you want to feel supported while running your business, no matter if it is in the infant stage or just starting to get rolling. I have created my first ever Facebook Group called the Wild Success Comunity. The group is for free-spirited entrepreneurs, wannabe entrepreneurs, and career women who are looking to align themselves with their soul’s purpose, start their dream business and grow their business to serve and inspire others – ultimately leaving their mark on the world – plus get paid for it.

Ok, on to the good stuff.

Tips to kick-ass in your Facebook Group

Attract your ideal client

When setting up your group make sure you niche down and know exactly who you are serving. Be specific, don’t leave it open and wide serving a large audience. Keep it to the point and clear. Make sure to write your description outlining who it is you want in your group and what it is about.

Need help with who your ideal client is check out this worksheet

Give value

Posting content that your followers love will keep them coming back and engaging more and more in your group. When you have named your group and clearly described what the group is for and how it will serve. Create posts that add value to them.  Answer these simple questions

1 – how can you help them  – what is the problem that they are facing right now

2 – how can you bring clarity to their life – to make it easier for them

You don’t need to over give the trick is to deliver content in small pieces.

Six tips to create valuable content for your tribe

Go Live

Weekly Facebook Lives are a great way to connect with your followers and for them to get to know you. They start seeing who it is behind the business. In your live feeds, you might like to give tips, share a story or offer a free workshop. It should also be packed with value.

Automation & Consistency

Bet you didn’t know you could also schedule your posts in your Facebook Group too?? Yes, it’s so easy and it is all in-house. I am a big believer in automation and consistency. Having content ready to go saves a lot of stress long term.  Look I could talk to you all day about why you should schedule but I won’t today.

Instead, I want to let you know this one thing. Keeping your posting schedule consistent in your group along with your group consistently growing. It is more likely that it will appear in the sidebar while you are in another group – hello free advertising thank you Facebook.

If you have been thinking about where to take your business next and how to connect with more of your ideal clients. I would highly recommend starting your own unique Facebook group.


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  1. Thank you for the helpful post! I have always found Facebook to be less than helpful when looking for followers of my blog. I am going to out these tips to good use and see how it goes . Do you know by any chance how increasing Facebook group followers would affect your blog traffic? My assumption is that as the Facebook group grows, so does the blog traffic. But do you have any experience with that that you can share? Thanks again for the great ideas!

    1. I have just started my first Facebook Group and I think as your audience grows as would your pageviews when you share content.

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