How to Create a Radiant Opt-In

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Growing your list is super important and there is no better way than creating an opt-in that screams out to people ‘click me’.

For those of you who are complete beginners when it comes to growing your list, an opt-in is a tool that once you get it right will bring new subscribers, quickly. The opt-in is sometimes called a freebie, template, ebook or a free resource. Let’s dive in and learn how to create an opt-in that will make your list radiate!

STEP ONE: Create your offer

Ok, you are ready to go, you know you need an offer that will get people clicking but what should it be? Let’s break it down. Your business is either a service or product, so how can you give them something for free to entice them to add their email address to your list? When creating your opt-in think about the following:

Tip No.1 – When creating your opt-in it should serve your ideal clients. What do they want or need help with? Does it solve a problem, how will it make them feel once they have received your gift?

Options of an opt-in could be a template, workbook, ebook, audio, meditation, a free cookbook or 5 ways to . . . .  Whatever it is it should entice your ideal client.

BONUS: Keep it simple and to the point. Don’t go out and make an epic 40-page ebook or spend weeks preparing something. A simple template could be all that your ideal client really needs.

Tip No.2 – Designing your freebie is so important. You want something that arrives in your ideal client’s mailbox with a BANG! When they open up the file and go wow, this gal has really got it, you know you’re on a winner. Not only is the information inside relevant and helpful it looks super professional.

Make sure to use high-quality images, great design, clean and simple layouts. If you totally suck at design then you can always head over to and get someone to help you.

Tip No.3 –¬†What is the next step you want your ideal client to take once they have received your amazing opt-in? Did you not think about that?

When I created my very first opt-in six years ago, I had no intention but to collect emails, that was it. How I have learned. Why do I ask this question, simply because from your amazing opt-in you can then point your ideal client to a blog post, your services or a product? At the end of my current opt-in, I  have a link to my service page.

What if you could show your client the next best thing to help them? They would stick around more on your website and get to know you. Creating a connection with you. hey, they may even learn to trust you. Which means when you come to sell something later in your newsletters they are ready to listen.

STEP TWO: Sign up for an email service.

The next thing you need to do if you don’t already have an email service provider is to get one. There are many tools and all at different prices for managing your subscriber list. Here are few to take a look at Mailchimp, AWeber, Active Campaign¬†and FreshMail.

Make sure your email service is set up and ready to go. Each provider has many options and can help you build your own forms, pop-ups and more. If not check out the following to add and customise your opt-in.

For simple little pop-ups and hello bars check out MailMunch, Wishpond and Wise Pops

STEP 3 Add it to your site

Ok, you have your amazing opt-in ready to go. You have signed up with an email service provider to collect names and create your future newsletters. Now, it’s time to get that bad boy on to your website.

Do not over think it. I bet it looks great, you have thought about how it can serve your ideal clients and the problem that it solves.

When placing your opt-in on to your website there is nothing more powerful than having it above the fold. When readers come to your site it is the first thing they see.  I have mine twice above the fold! The first in a bar across the top and then the second a large image with a link to send it now.

You can also place your opt-in into your sidebar or footer. Even better is to pop it into a blog post.

STEP 4 Show the world!!!

Finally, you want people to sign-up to your amazing opt-in that you have created.

Let’s go a little crazy here and I want you to plaster it everywhere. If you don’t promote it, you won’t be calling out to your ideal clients, so please do yourself a favour and share what you have to offer for free.

Here are a few examples of where you can put your opt-in.

  • Add it to your Facebook heading
  • Mention it in Facebook groups where appropriate and allowed
  • Add a link and CTA (call to action) in your Instagram bio
  • Place it into your Pinterest bio
  • Write specific blog posts for it
  • Include it in your email signature
  • Drop it when you are speaking, running events or being interviewed

I hope this guide to creating an opt-in helps you generate more subscribers. In my next blog post, l I will be talking about a how to nurture your email list.

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