How to Hide Pictures in your Blog Posts for Pinterest

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Pinterest took the food blogging world by storm when I was writing my old blog. It was and still is such a great tool to share your content. Most of us dabbled in it, got confused and then gave up and then there were some of us who found awesome loopholes. My blog posts for recipes contained 3-5 images and if you wanted to get seen on Pinterest you had to create really long leaderboard images that are like collages. All I wanted to do was to hide those pictures in my blog post. They were so large and often repetitive of what I posted. Needless to say, there was a solution and I found it. I have no idea of where it came from but I have used it for years now. What it does is hides pictures in your blog post but when you click the Pin It button it will still come up as an option to pin. Which is very cool. It’s a great way to simplify your blog post with images you choose while you can customise the ones you want for Pinterest. I must admit, for each blog post that serves as a core blog post for my site I create at least three pictures for Pinterest.

How to Hide Pictures in your Blog Post for Pinterest

STEP ONE:  Insert the picture/s you wish to hide into your post – you can do it anywhere in the post, however, I tend to put mine at the end. *Don’t forget to add the image ‘alt’ tag, as it will be the default description when the image is pinned! STEP TWO: Click over to the TEXT mode and locate the code of the image you wish to hide. STEP THREE: Insert this code in front of the image code:
<div style="display:none">
STEP FOUR: And if you don’t already have </div> code after the image, insert that too
STEP FIVE: Click back to VISUAL mode and the images should be hidden. STEP SIX: Test the post and view it, the image/s will be hidden. STEP SEVEN: Pin that baby to Pinterest via the Pin It button or the Pin It tool in Chrome. Your newly hidden images come up when you click on the Pin It button as an option  – how cool is that! I hope this code serves you well. Like I have said I have been using it for years, and it still works. It is a great tool for growing your page views in Pinterest. Go on, test it now and start adding your amazing content to Pinterest.
How To Hide Pictures In Your Blog Posts For Pinterest
How To Hide Pictures In Your Blog Posts For Pinterest


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