Goals with Intention Workbook

Goals with Intention

You know how important it is to start the year right, put your needs first, and chase your dreams

What You Will DISCOVER...

★  You will release the energy of last year so you can catch a moment to focus on what is next

★  Identify your word for the year and the energy that will carry you through

★  Get clarity around your vision (the big picture) and what you truly want to call in

★ Templates to take back your time and design your personalised roadmap

★  Over 30 Journal prompts to assist your own self-investigation

Hello, I am Lizzie Moult


Raised as a good Aussie country girl, I broke all the rules and created a life based on passion, with laptop in hand, now living in Scottish Highlands.

My philosophy is that deep connection to self is where the magic lies, enabling you to express yourselves unapologetically and lead with your heart – instead of looking to others for all the answers. It’s a sense of self, knowing and complete trust in who you really are. It’s rocking your quirkiness confidently as you journey through life.  

I love supporting women to get a little wild, break the rules and rip down the limitations that are holding them back from a life that feels full, liberating and abundant.

Ready to make this year about you and your dreams?

Still need more details? It’s alright, I’ve got ya!

The Ebook is a printable PDF

IT has plenty of room to write