The ONE Thing That I have Learnt From My Clients that Everyone Needs to Know

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I have been working intimately with small businesses, start-ups and entrepreneurs to grow their business with strategy, savvy marketing, creative content and mindset. And only last week did I make a realisation, I myself was missing ONE thing in my business. Plus I think everyone in business needs this.

So what is the ONE thing that I learnt from my clients that everyone needs in business?


Working for yourself, starting your dream business can be a lonely game, yeah the idea of working from home is glorified – yes working in your pj’s is awesome – yeah even I do it. But, when it comes to the daily grind of doing the work, it can often get a little quiet in your office.

All of a sudden your best friend is your computer. The only interaction you have with the outside world is when you need to get groceries and start ranting to the checkout chick about nurture sequences. Yeah, I did this once, it just happened. I laugh about it now though.

Your best gal pals, totally don’t get what you do. Running a business and starting one leaves you asking hundreds of questions. But who do you have to talk about it with? Who is the person that helps you cement your idea to grow your business and make it actually happen?

Over the last two weeks I heard a few of my clients say to me; ‘thank you for holding me accountable’, ‘thank you for your support’ and ‘if I didn’t have you I would never have gotten this far’.

Then I was like OMG!

I am a business coach who supports amazing and inspiring women to grow their businesses but I am all of a sudden overwhelmed. I have just moved house, I am still configuring our internet (satellite is coming!), personal life stuff happened and my todo list is going mental. I have a few things I want to do and launch myself but I felt so alone and how on earth am I ever going to do this. Man, I wish I had someone like me to help me!


When I see my clients show up, do the work and achieve great things, it keeps me inspired and motivated to do my work. But when it comes time to level up and grow my business I have found myself stuck. I am serving others which don’t get me wrong I totally love however it is time to get serious about marketing myself – practice what I preach.

I think everyone in business no matter the size or configuration needs to have someone to hold them accountable.

Four ways to get Accountability in your Business.

1 – Get a Business Bestie

Only just recently have I connected with someone who gets what I do. Yes, business online is a tough gig at times – I know I have been doing it for ten years! I now have someone to bounce ideas off, talk to about my latest offering and test my latest nurture sequence – so I can spare the checkout chick at my local supermarket.

2 – Join a Facebook Group

There are so many Facebook Groups now and they all have their perks. Seek out a couple that can help you right now in your business, it could be one around mindset, funnels, facebook marketing or even just a group of women in business who are actively talking and growing their business. You may like to join the Wild Success Community which is a group I run.

A sure-fire way to fast track your business is to invest in a business coach to help you work on exactly what you want for your business. They hold you accountable for your actions and are there to support you while you work together. The beauty of working with a coach is that they are with you 1:1. They do the live calls with you, they answer the emails and offer support and feedback.

4 – Sign up for Group Coaching

If you want to seek accountability but also make some friends along the way doing an online course, attending a workshop that is lead over a few weeks or even months is another fabulous option to grow your business. What I love about group coaching is that you also learn what others are doing in their business and could also apply the same learning to yours though it may not be in that moment. It is a cheaper alternative to 1:1 business coaching. (FYI: I will be running group coaching very soon!)


I would love to hear from you! How do you stay accountable in your business? What do you do or invest in to keep growing and moving towards your dream business?


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  1. So much YES to all of this! I was just thinking this the other day – I miss having a group of people in the “office” to laugh and joke and have lunch with. We just have to find them other places now. Love you my biz bestie! xx

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