Feeling Uninspired? 6 Content Creation Ideas To Try NOW

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Are you stuck with what are you going to write on your blog today, what about your social media channels or what to put in your newsletter?

Creating content can be so fun when your start your business, you are bursting with hundreds of ideas and loads of things to say and share. Then you hit a slump, you’re out of ideas, nothing seems right and it starts getting really boring, and you begin questioning yourself and what you do. It’s a crazy spiral. I know!

But I have your back!

Here is what we are going to go through  – how to create content that inspires, how you can leverage the people around you to spark content ideas and finally how to revamp old content.

First I want to remind you that quality content is far better than something you rush if you need a week off writing a blog post that is totally ok! But acknowledge that you need to relight your creative spark again and set out to do that so you are ready for next week.

Content creation for business is all about serving your ideal client and engaging with them so they walk away with a feeling of satisfaction, excitement, a problem solved or even entertained. The feeling is what you need to remember above everything.  For example, I hope to inspire entrepreneurs to live their dream lifestyle with a business that is flourishing providing them with tools to grow their business. (inspired!)

Content Creation Ideas

Know Your Topic and Point of Difference

Mapped out in my office is what my brand does and how it educates my ideal clients. I have a list of 5 core subjects that I talk about regularly then underneath that are sub headings. Every six months I go over my ideal client profile and revisit what my brand is about. I do this to make sure I am still moving forward and to check if anything has changed in terms of my business evolving and the problems that my clients are now facing.

By doing this I am refamiliarising myself with who I am serving and what they need from me. So I do a brainstorm on a piece of paper of my subjects and subheadings then I write a list of as many blog posts I can think of I could write I always aim to do at least 50! I have this list of content ideas that I can always go back to and read when I am totally uninspired.

Talk to Your Clients and Customers

I am really lucky I work very intimately with my clients and I am always asking questions and they too are asking for advice. I have a post-it note next to me when a content idea comes while I am in a session. I like to help my clients as much as I can so if I can serve them more of the information that they need perhaps my potential new clients will love that information too.

If you don’t work so intimately with your clients like I do, there are ways to get to know them better. I have to say this I have also done this with people on my newsletter to find out what they need help with. This is what I do – I pick out five of my highest engaged email subscribers and I send them an email asking them if I can give them a call to ask them a few questions. I plan my questions out prior to the call and I listen and ask more questions finding out what they really need help with in that moment. Those conversations become great content.

Answer Your Readers Questions

Post a survey, ask questions on your social pages or in the groups you are active in to find out what people want to hear more about and how you can serve them.  I do this regularly when I am hit with the uninspired bug, I pop over to my favourite FB group of fellow entrepreneurs and ask them what they need right now regarding a topic that I cover. Sure enough, after a little digging around GOLD strikes and my brain sees a few content ideas.

Reuse, Recycle and Revamp.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with going back to your old content and livening it up again to then reuse it. If something worked three to six months ago why not try it again. Or if a post you thought was going to go crazy just didn’t hit it off like you thought, maybe your readers were just not ready for it yet, so take some time and find good quality posts that you have already crafted and reuse, recycle and revamp them.

To do this you might rewrite them, add new paragraphs, update the images, keywords, add a cheat sheet, add a video or audio.

Plan Ahead

Yes, it seems like a crazy idea to plan. But having a basic framework for where your content is going to save you loads of time and effort. I plan out my content for three months, I map out the days that are important for my readers and then if I am running a campaign what I need to post and when. Each campaign I run is obviously themed so I break down my theme into small tiny portions and deliver content leading up to it and then again after.

I highly recommend starting a content calendar and mapping your own important dates for your business. It can be the international women’s week, mothers day, daylight savings, end of the financial year, spring sales it just depends on what your niche is and what they might also be interested in.

Share Content

Every now and again it’s really great to share others content – yes even on your blog. You could write a roundup, do an interview with the person who wrote your favourite article or just write about your experience with a product or service. If you love it perhaps your ideal clients might love it too.



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