Ready to write your own Rules

You’ve landed here today because you’re ready to do the inner work that will assist you to transform your inner and outer world.  That’s my specialty and I am here to help you!

I’m here to support Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, and Female Leaders to write their own rules, bring their needs and desires forward, encourage them to create with passion & purpose and to drop the excuses.

Together we work through limiting thoughts & behaviours to unlock a world without people-pleasing, self-sabotage, perfectionism, imposter syndrome, overwhelm and fear. 

This is your space to get your mindset rocking, to believe and back yourself, trusting your inner niggles and following your path, without the guilt of what others might think.

If your looking for support to talk through a situation, build your confidence and learn how powerful you are this is it. I’m here to reflect to you, your light, the possibilities, your truth. I bet that makes you totally nervous, the thought of having a life you want and what it looks like to step all in.

This is where you take a big breath, exhale, and trust yourself. Take my hand and join me and together we will change your life forever.

I weave positive phycology, cognitive behavior therapy with practicality and honesty. 


"Absolute game-changer, invaluable confidence booster, dramatic up-leveler"
"Thank you Lizzie for helping me find the courage to step into my truth"
"I am a new entrepreneur, a woman that believes in her vision again"


  • Ambitious and determined.
  • A woman who is ready to make soulful decisions that have her best interest in mind.
  • Excited to tackle your mind and body connection in a heartfelt way.
  • Wanting to make more time for the things you love, which helps you thrive each week.
  • A hardworking woman who is committed to following her passion.


  • You’re afraid to dive in because you don’t know what is going to come to the surface when you finally trust yourself.
  • You’re worried that you don’t have a clear path and desperately want a gentle push in the right direction.
  • You are having trouble staying on top of all the things you need to keep your life + household running and worried there’s just not enough hours in the day.
  • You secretly want to stand in your power and be committed to your vision with confidence while living your best life, but for some reason you’re shying away.
  • You haven’t been able to find support from someone who understands what you are going through.


  • Your new best friend who loves solving problems and making your life easier.
  • Your biggest fan who supports you on your path as you rewrite the rules for your life with no BS.
  • A mentor with over a decade of personal experience to put an end to the cycle of people pleasing, imposter syndrome and perfectionism that I’m just bursting to share with you!
  • The person you talk to when you’re feeling all those things that come with the transition of taking your life to the next level.
  • Your spiritual guide to reclaiming FREEDOM back into your life (yes I am totally woo-woo – I live on off-grid in the rainforest). 

HERE'S What You’ll Discover...

Down to earth structure – woven with intuitive practices. My work focuses on:

Lizzie Moult


Do you wish your brain would just give you a break? Are you running through all the possibilities of how to create your dream life but the self talk seems to be running the show? Together we will we tackle the ‘what if’s’ or ‘I can’t’ and  ‘yeah, but’s’. Your mind is powerful and it can transform your life once you master it. I’m going to help you to turn those negative thoughts and excuses into pure confidence!

Lizzie Moult


Let me tell you a secret…once you step into your true self and discover what you love and are really passionate about…LIFE GETS SUPER EXCITING. Because your thoughts are so clear, you are able to discover the message that you are going to share with the world. This is empowerment. This is the moment that you will see a shift in your life. Together, we will make sure you are on the right path. 
Lizzie Moult


Our bodies hold our inner-guidance system, our soul, intuition, essence and it can be a powerful ally in your life. Tapping into your intuition you can make clear decisions based on what your heart is telling you. Moving from a place that feels good, with your best interest in mind and not looking outside of yourself for the answers. You’ll start manifesting like a rockstar and calling in more of what you desire. 
Lizzie Moult


Together we will work out how to leverage your time so you are creating from a place of passion and efficiency. I want to see you scheduling in downtime, this may mean that you need to let go of some of the tasks that are eating up your time. Don’t be afraid to set boundaries, create new systems or outsource the laundry!! My goal is to see you doing more of the things you love in your life. Not just endless household duties. And I am here to help you navigate this. 
Lizzie Moult


Our sacral chakra is the root of our creativity, it is also the place where passion lives along with our feminine energy.  Unlocking this holy grail of goodness allows you to move through life with a toolkit of confidence. You have the freedom and determination to follow your heart and do more of the things you LOVE TO DO! Kickstarting this fire that has laid dormant for far too long will ignite your passion and give your meaning for life. 


1:1 Therapy for Entrepreneurs

◇  60 minute deep-dive into what’s holding you back from reaching your vision

◇ During our sessions we look at your thoughts and behaviours, identifying where to spend energy unlocking your patterns using Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

◇ Use this space to address problems, big feelings and release the stress, overwhelm and make decisions that have your best interest in mind. 

◇ Rewiring the mind so you are taking positive action using Positive Psychology. 


£200 – 60min session (via zoom or phone)

£1500 – 6 Hour VIP DAY: in-person Nature & Mindset Session (Scotland)

Qualifications: Diploma of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (almost finished), Certificate in Positive Phycology, Certified Life Coach, Diploma of Graphic Design, Certificate of Fine Art


Just click on the BOOK A FREE CALL! button. We will tee up a time to get together to have a quick chat and make sure it is a good fit. Then, if you want to go ahead, we decide on a date to start and book a time.

Single sessions are done either online, phone or in-person and run for an hour.

ONLINE:  This allows you to be flexible and have your sessions at home, your office or wherever suits you.

IN-PERSON: This is currently only available for a full VIP day and is based in Scotland, where we get out into nature, go for a walk and talk through all the things and get you back into your skin. 

NOTE: I am able to fly to your location at an additional cost if you prefer.

Awesome! I love working with anyone who is ambitious so it doesn’t matter where you live. I am based in Scotland, but don’t worry, I have already mentored people in the UK & Europe, the United States and all over Australia!

Time is so important and this is something I value and teach. Unfortunately, there are no refunds on no-shows and if you are late to your session we will still finish at the designated time.


#wildsuccesspodcast mandy1
"The way that Lizzie lives her life and runs her business is so inspiring"
#wildsuccesspodcast Joey
"I’m not scared to take on new things because I know everything else won’t suffer"
Liz Beavis
"I achieved so many milestones during our time together"

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