Creating Multiple Online Programs with Alison Callan

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Ever wondered about creating an online program? Well, today on the show I talk with Alison Callan about how she has created three separate spaces online to facilitate and support females in business. We discuss how organic each program came to life and how she looks after everyone’s needs on their journey while working with her.

Alison is a female entrepreneur who has been inspired in her new career direction thanks to her first year as a mum, when she was determined to not buy into the hype surrounding the stress of parenting, and instead chose to create a positive mindset to help her overcome challenges. She has since combined this learned behaviour alongside her further self-development learnings, which have also helped her overcome serious illness, with her high-powered business management and leadership career and is now inspiring other women globally through her coaching and speaking.

An empathic and heart-led purposeful Business Mentor and Clarity & Success Coach to aspiring and existing female entrepreneurs and career women, Alison started her own coaching business whilst on maternity leave and took it full time after accepting redundancy following the birth of her second child, grasping this opportunity to create a career path that felt authentic to her, that was truly satisfying and empowering, rather than sticking to the path she thought she ought to follow.

She is passionate about sharing her experiences with mindfulness making it tangible and practical for inclusion in everybody’s lives, regardless of age and stage. Her mission is to help and champion the introverted, empathic and intuitive women starting in business or taking their professions by storm, to ensure they step up to be seen, and heard.

Biggest Takeaways

  • An online program can be of equal value to working with someone 1:1
  • Listening is crucial to learn what your audience needs
  • It’s important to celebrate your wins


  • How Alison moved out of corporate to creating her own business )2.06)
  • What Alison’s business looks like (3.38)
  • How Alison found her passion as a coach (4.58)
  • Understanding coaching and it’s power (8.48)
  • Moving into a group coaching environment and how Alison moved into that space (11.09)
  • Listening and building trust and connections (15.29)
  • Building out the second online program (16.35)
  • Not rushing and celebrating our wins (22.45)
  • From 2 online programs to creating membership area (24.30)
  • Organically growing a business that feels right (31.15)
  • Testing your products – the power of Beta (22.19)
  • Biggest learning experience from creating these programs (33.12)
  • How to manage the roll-out for the programs (36.47)


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Follow Alison on Insta – @alison.callan  or FB @AlisonCallan3C


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