Create a Landing Page for your Opt-In (free formula)

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Having a landing page for you opt-in is a great way to build your list.

The idea of having a dedicated page to promote your opt-in offer is to entice someone to fill out the form to land them on your mailing list.  And we all want more email on our mailing list.

When I created my first ever opt-in for my previous blog, I took a while putting it all together. I had no clue about sales copy, exactly what I could offer or how to actually do it. I ended up creating a new page in WordPress and called it simply – subscribe. This page evolved many times.

The content changed, my opt-in offer changed but I had all my social media pointing to it plus it had a dedicated button in the navigation bar. I slowly worked out a formula that would get more and more clicks.

Today I want to share with you that formula.

Before we dive straight in though I want to talk about landing page platforms. Because there are a few options out there and depending on your skill set it might be worth the investment. The first is creating a standalone page on your website which is dedicated only to your opt-in sign-up.  The second is using a platform like Leadpages or Clickfunnels. I now use Leadpages to create my landing pages for everything, I love the simplicity plus how it integrates so effortlessly with my email service provider.

Obviously depending on your budget and design ability you can make the appropriate decision. However I am going to walk you through creating the content for your own standalone page from scratch.

Let’s do this!



A punchy headline that grabs the attention and also sparks a little emotion in your potential lead will make for a click. In my opt-in page formula it has a series of questions to help you dive into creating a little emotion in your headline.

5 points the opt-in offer will do/solve.

You will want to outline the key points of your opt-in offer, this will ensure why they are clicking on it in the first place. Think about this – what will you opt-in gift do for them once they have it, how will it change their life, what can they implement right away, what changes should they expect?

Picture of the opt-in offer or of yourself!

Break up the text with an image, It can be of what you opt-in offer looks like (printable PDF) or it can be an image of you – as you are the one that they are going to get to know. I find that now it is really important to have imagery on your landing pages but it should be kept simple and to the point.


Having a few testimonials of how your content from your newsletter effects people is great. Or even how the opt-in offer itself has helped some of your customers. These words could help secure more clicks. Do not ever underestimate the power of praise – take a read of this article and see what I mean.

What else is included (extra bonuses)

This is optional – sometimes you can really get creative with your opt-in. You may like to have a simple PDF  and that is ok. Meanwhile it might be great to offer an incentive to your newsletter where you will share – weekly tips, monthly news topics.

Squeeze page – no distractions

When it comes to designing your opt-in page the fewer distractions the better. You want to get rid of everything on the page, the menu, the sidebar – everything. All you want is the content that is important a picture and the form in which people will opt-in.

An easy to use form

Most email providers offer you a way to include a form on your website to collect emails. Just set it up as per the instructions so it is easy for your user to sign up. The other thing is that your email form must look simple to use, one or two fields that clearly state the information that is required.

TOP TIP: Make the button on your sign up form BIG AND BRIGHT as it is more inclined to be clicked.

Examples of GREAT opt-in Pages

Strayed from the Table

Caitlin Bacher

Amy Porterfield

Melyssa Griffin

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  1. The missing link for me was how you get to the leadpage. The subscribe page makes sense. I see that mailchimp has just starte lead pages too, so that could be a good option for seamless transfer.

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