Bringing A Unique Product To Market with Julie May

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Bringing A Unique Product To Market with Julie May

On the podcast today I talk with Julie May an incredible woman who lives in the Northern Rivers about her business Uplift Swimwear.  Julie is about to launch her products out into the market after spending the last few years developing them, it’s been a journey and her story will touch your heart.

More about Julie – Julie is on a journey to help women become more confident in their mind and body. As the founder of Uplift Swimwear she has developed an innovative design to help women feel supported and encouraged to get back in the water post-mastectomy.

Innovation and story-telling have always come naturally and she has found that through building her business she has the opportunity to do both while making an impact.

Despite no background in fashion, business, or design, she has pulled together a professional team that has helped her to develop this “never-before-seen” design.

After working as a reflexologist for 17 years in the world of natural therapies, she launched herself head-first into the world of swimwear. She has always loved the water, in fact spending up to 5 hours a day in her 20’s teaching babies & adults how to swim.
Today, Julie along with her husband and two young girls, live a short walk away from the beach near Byron Bay. As a family, they can often be found in the ocean and with a desire to find a more supportive swimwear to suit her ever-fluctuating weight, Uplift Swimwear was born.

In 2016, after a disappointing swimwear shopping trip, Julie began experimenting with her old bikinis and came up with a new design she had never seen on the market before.

As she stood back looking at her design, and the solution it provided for many other women, she thought of her Nan who had fought breast cancer and had a mastectomy. In that exact moment she decided that all of her swimwear designs would have mastectomy pockets.

Her body tingled with excitement as she realized she could support these women too with this new design. Her vision of seeing this new innovation in the shops became even more focused when she read some shocking statistics.

There are 2 women between the ages of 20-39 being diagnosed with Breast Cancer every day in Australia. Her research proved an absolute gap in the market for a contemporary style of mastectomy swimwear, especially bikinis.


Biggest Takeaways

  • Passion is key when it comes to start-ups it holds you accountable
  • Tips on how to bring a unique product to market
  • The importance of having support



  • Julie’s story of why she started her business (1.16)
  • Building confidence and diving into business with guidance (4.06)
  • Julie’s biggest learning experiences; owning your superpowers and concurring technology (5.49)
  • Going from ‘I can’t do this’ to ‘I got this’ (8.28)
  • Getting launch-ready for swimwear to come to market (10.32)
  • Tips on how to create a unique product and then bring it to market (14.07)
  • Jumping in with passion and doing it your own way (16.41)
  • Getting support and finding the right people (19.38)
  • Letting go of comparison (23.18)
  • Two nuggets of gold advice from Julie (26.07)


Links mentioned in this episode
Find out more about Julie and her swimwear here –

Follow Julie on Insta – @upliftswimwear  or FB @upliftswimwear


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