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Growing your brand’s awareness is a great way to keep growing your business. Once people start talking about what you do and it becomes a topic at a party or family get-together you know that your brand awareness is working.

Creating a clever marketing strategy to boost your brand’s visibility is just the beginning of growing your business. When these things start to build and build and the consumers know more about you and what it is you do. Your business increases.

Word of mouth has always been the number one seller of any product. It doesn’t matter how good the ads are on TV or in a magazine. When someone recommends or talks highly of a product you take it on board, it could be a close friend, a neighbor or even a family member. We trust these people and think highly of their opinions.

Now before you think about canceling your next ad placement. I want to say that those ads serve as a reminder to the people who are already talking about you. Look you may convert some new interest, but if you keep popping up at the right time people will remember you, you are still fresh in their mind.

You always want to stay fresh in people’s minds. The more you remind them of what it is that you do the more they can recommend you. Perhaps with your marketing strategy, you squeeze out your competitors by always being noticed (in the right place at the right time), your brand is the one that they want to associate with over the others. It is just clever marketing to help you grow your business.

In the free cheat sheet which you can download at the bottom of this post, I have 15 ways you could boost your visibility and improve your brand’s awareness.

In the cheat sheet there are things you can do immediately, while others take a little planning out. But all good marketing strategies should be well thought out and target your ideal clients to evoke the brand’s message.

When watching TV ads come on during your favourite programs. Those ads are designed just for you. Yes! All of them. So if you are up late watching a movie, the people who pay for that ad space are think about you and what your needs are. Perhaps you are a little hungry and might need a piece of chocolate, or a famous actor has amazing hair and it’s so easy to do, so you should buy this product to make yours equally as amazing.

Now I have to admit that in my 15 ways to boost visibility cheatsheet I don’t recommend ads on tv. I have ways that any brand with any budget can grow their visibility. So if you are in the early stages of your business or have been at it for two or three years – I have you covered. These are mostly free it’s just your time and planning to make it happen.


You can grab this juicy cheatsheet in my Spiritual Entrepreneurs Tool Kit

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