Batching: My Secret Weapon

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I want to introduce you to batching. Because honestly, it’s my favourite way to get more done in less time. I promise you that you will learn to love it too. Especially when it saves so much time.

The concept of batching was introduced to me five years ago, I already kind of did it but didn’t always do it well. However, now I have aced it by creating a few simple workflows for most of my daily, weekly and monthly tasks.

So what is batching?

Batching is about doing similar tasks at the same time.

Let’s break down creating images for your Instagram posts. For example, you would start off by sourcing pictures, take them in your prefered program to edit them, then download them and then to finally upload them into a scheduling tool.Then you might need to edit them, you would do them all at the same time (obviously only the ones that were needed), then if you were writing content you would do it all at the same time. So instead of doing one post at a time, you are multitasking in a way to do more and trust me it is far more effective than sitting on one single post for a long time.

Batching at first can seem a little complicated for some and take a little time to get use to it. In the long r, n it will save you loads of time and allow you to have more space for all the fun things you want to do.

Before you dive into the world of batching it is really important to discipline yourself. If you are focusing on a task then that is the one and only thing you are allowed to do. No checking your email again just incase, no popping into see what is happening on Facebook. Your task is to batch out a whole bunch of work and focused on one sigle thing.

Take a look at the following.


5 Tasks to Start Batching

Blog Posts

Every six weeks I sit down and dedicated a whole week to blog post writing. Before I even enter blog post writing week I map out my content ideas, how many posts I am writing and do a rough outline of each one. This is usually done in two hours or so the week prior. Then I spend the following week writing my posts. For me, I write my blog posts into a Word Processor first before copying and pasting into my website. I do this so I am less distracted. I put all my energy into each article one at a time.

When it is blog post writing week I am not just writing one blog post I am usually writing about ten to twelve. I always do more than I need in my content calendar. This allows me space if something comes up in life that delays me from delivering fresh and consistent content to my audience.

Image Creation

This is a process I take usually once a month. I go on to some of my favoruite stock image sites and collect images to use on my blog posts and social media channels. I also pick out a few images of myself to add to the mix. Then I head over to Canva my photo editing tool of choice. I edit the images, add text where need be, I also create a few quotes to use on social media.  I get my images all organised and the right shape to then upload or put them into a scheduling platforms. I also have a folder for blog post images that I can quickly browse when I need them.

Social Media Scheduling

The base of my social media presence is actually planned. I still have impromptu posts that I do when I feel called to share something. Keeping my content consistent is something I really believe in not only does being consistent help with FB and Insta algorithms it keeps your tribe engaged and aware of what you are up to.

I usually do my social media scheduling in a few hours. I map out two weeks of content, I upload the images to use from my computer and then I tap out the content. Everything is ready to go for me.

Facebook Group Value Adding

Facebook groups are really a great way to engage with new potential clients and grow your audience. I have seen it first hand and the great thing is you don’t need to have your own facebook group to do it. I have five Facebook groups that I check into each day. I am also aware of what their daily threads are. I have a spreadsheet for this. Ok, so your probably thinking how do I batch this daily task.

First is being organised and knowing what content you need to create. I then map out a few images and post ideas to share in the groups over the month.  So then I get to work and create a spreadsheet with everything in it.

Then each day I visit the groups I participate in and contribute a post as well as commenting on others posts but instead of feeling like I have nothing to contribute. I just copy and past my content and add an image. Easy.


Once I have mapped out my content for my blog I then write my newsletters. Newsletters are usually done in my blog writing week. It only takes me three to four hours to write six emails and set them up ready to be emailed out. Usually in these emails is just a summary of what has been on the blog for the week.

When I have campaigns running I have separate emails for this. So when I am launching a product or a service I would then have emails tied up in that process.

I hope as you read through the above tasks that you start to think about how you can batch your day to day tasks. So you can spend less time feeling overwhelmed and have consistent content to share with your dream clients.


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    1. Thanks Krista, I really need to be because most of my life is dictated by my two kids so I only ever have small snippets of time to focus my energy and doing only one task to plan out a few weeks of content – I am on it.

  1. I really loved this article! Being consistent and finding the time to sit down and write has been a challenge for me, but the idea of taking a full week to write everything out is a fantastic idea and one I’m going to start implementing right away 🙂

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