How I grew my business from nothing to helping almost one hundred entrepreneurs and businesses create a life and business they love.

Before I landed my dream job there was the optimist in me who thought in big steps, created several businesses and could only see what I wanted. I did not know how to create success or how to get it. I would spend so much time working and forcing projects to just get a paycheck, I would do jobs I really didn’t love.

I was eager to please.

Created a belief system that I wasn’t working hard enough to be successful.

The fear of failure was imminent, and I just wanted to be acknowledged for the work that I was doing and what I had achieved.

Lizzie Moult

Art Classes, A Catering Company & An Organic Veggie Farm…

learn how to grow my business without hiring a pro.

I have tried it all when it comes turning your passion into business.

At 23 years old I started my first business – I saw an opportunity in the market for unique art classes, and I built it up to be one of the premier classes in the city. I later sold it to move on to create a catering company, doing events, selling preserves and special orders. It was a load of fun. Then I moved to a farm where I set it up to be a sustainable entity – I ran a successful farm gate selling veggies, offering cooking and gardening classes, and I made a profit. During this time I also worked for others and wrote an award-winning food blog.

Talk about having too many eggs in one basket.

When working for yourself you get so caught up in what you want, you don’t see what is actually going on around you. I was working so hard towards trying to create my success: I had a job, two businesses, a blog and kids…

…I quickly realised


“I was trying to do everything, and it wasn’t working.”

The first few years were rough.

Starting your own business is one of the greatest things you can ever do, but it is an investment in yourself, in your patience and perseverance.

The small wins I had were never noticed as my self-doubt and fear of not being enough kept prompting me to ask myself ‘was I ever going to make it’.

I spent hours in front of my computer, learning how to be better – be better at everything: blogging, writing, photography, growing my email list, mastering social media, accounting, cooking, running and creating events, website design and branding. The list was endless.

My spare time was sucked up by that computer. My time with friends and family would be limited while I was just trying to fix something or write fresh content.

Totally exhausted I would work through every moment while my kids napped to try and get ahead.

Created crap products that no one wanted to buy.

So many unfinished project ideas.

Then one day I worked out I had created the wrong business.

I was still trying to please everyone. I was still trying to prove to myself that I could do it and I hadn’t failed.

In reality, I had tunnel vision. I created an idea that I thought would work and not listened to what I was really gifted at, which was helping others.

So I did something about it.

I discovered that my dream business was helping others create theirs.

Since that first step at becoming an entrepreneur twelve years ago, I had been handing out information to other businesses, entrepreneurs and bloggers about how to grow their business. I was great at helping others with all the tech, design and marketing. So I started to share:

  • How to write content that inspires action from your readers, from blog writing to ad campaigns, articles and social media posts.
  • How to grow email lists that had your dream clients lining up to listen to what you are saying and eagerly waiting for more.
  • How to leverage social media to grow your audience with ads, nurture sequences (aka – sales funnels) and effective ways to automate your business.
  • How to stay aligned with your purpose and why you started your business in the first place.

I’ve had the honour of helping loads of entrepreneurs, small businesses and bloggers like you to skip the struggle to build their dream business.


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Lizzie Moult

With easy-to-follow steps

Over the years, I’ve developed a reputation for my no BS methods and taking people through each movement so it makes sense.

No jargon or fluff.

But actually getting straight to the point with clarity so you have the confidence to establish your own success in your business without the ‘overwhelm’.

I have shown businesses how to “DIY” their online marketing, from branding to content creation, and creating killer products that don’t cost the earth.

I do this because I teach what I know.

I created my dream business, yet I don’t work 70 hours a week. I keep it real, honest and simplistic.

Are you ready to love your business and create success with REAL action steps?

You are totally in the right place, because I know you are ready to do the work.

That is why you are here.

That’s why you started your business.

That’s why you have invested time and money into your business to make it your own.

You have totally proven to me that you’re willing to jump in and do the work – you have read all the way down here! I know you want to take the next step into your business, and I am confident that your efforts will pay off!

Lizzie Moult

Ready to make your dream business stand out?

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