I’m Lizzie

Online Business Strategist + Mindset Mentor. Entrepreneur. Speaker.

Empowering women to embody their Rockstar Boss status, embrace their vision + execute a strategy with confidence, while increasing their impact & income, in a way that feels good.


My philosophy on business is that you must come from a place of heart in order to clearly share your vision unapologetically; from there the magic lies in executing your plan (aka reaching your goals) with confidence, soul & all your quirkiness wrapped up in one. 

I love supporting women in business to get a little wild, break the rules and do life & business there way so their natural talents shine in a way that feels good, exciting & fun!

As a Business Strategist + Mindset Mentor, I can support you to master your mindset (keep those pesky negative thoughts quiet), design a personalised roadmap for you and your business while cheering you on so you are taking inspired action daily towards your goals.

Lizzie Moult

At 23 years old I started my first business – I saw an opportunity in the market for unique art classes, and I built it up to be one of the premier classes in the city. I later sold it to move on to create a catering company, doing events, selling preserves and special orders. It was a load of fun. Then I moved to a farm where I set it up to be a sustainable entity – I ran a successful farm gate selling veggies, offering cooking and gardening classes, and I made a profit. During this time I wrote an award-winning blog, spoke at events & had my own newspaper column.

Here is the big secret – I studied graphic design when I left school and focused on creative design. It’s very similar to advertising, but this is where I learned about storytelling, communication and converting people into sales. 

Over the last fifteen years, I have become the go-to girl for online marketing, branding and strategy.

Turns out from all my experience as an entrepreneur what people wanted to know was how to grow their business. I had been dishing out free advice to everyone. I had no idea I could get paid to help others start their business and educate them on how to use marketing & strategy to grow their business.

However, the only thing in my way of building a global empire was ME! You know the saying, the only thing stopping you is yourself. 

Yep, I unpacked it all, my beliefs, stories and habits to uncover I was a serial people pleaser, a bit of a perfectionist and had total imposter syndrome. The funny thing is my clients were facing the same issues as me. It’s one thing to have a great strategy, yet if you don’t have the go-getter mindset to get it done, the strategy is worthless. 

After my own self-discoveries, learning and further study I have infused my practical badass business side with the tools to strengthen the mind. The power of the mind can either cripple your growth or it can have you reaching your goals and manifesting everything you dream of, not in the airy-fairy way – more like knowing what you want and going after it without letting anything get in your way. 

Mindset and strategy work hand in hand!

Now, I am helping amazing women take charge of their lives, build soulful businesses without the excuses or the need for approval BECAUSE it’s so freeing doing it your own way!

Qualifications: Diploma of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (almost finished), Certificate in Positive Phycology, Certified Life Coach, Diploma of Graphic Design, Certificate of Fine Art


Here are some of the wins I’ve had in my business to date:

  • Ran a two-day conference for over 100 women – speakers included; Denise Duffield-Thomas, Erica Carrico & Carlo Cirillo 
  • Collaborated with the likes of: Lisa Messenger, Lauren Bath, Tamica Wilder and loads more
  • Spoken on stages in front of thousands of people
  • Sold-out in-person and online events, consistently
  • Worked an average of 25hours a week! #hellofreedom
  • Recorded a five-star rated podcast for 3 years running
  • I’ve been published at numerous online publications which include Tiny Buddha, Elephant Journal & F Magazine. 
  • Interviewed on loads of podcasts on topics like: people-pleasing, authenticity,  marketing & business success.

How I Roll

I like to do things differently. I want it to be fun, where I am showing up and being of service feeling aligned with a clear vision and taking positive actions in the right direction towards my wild dreams.



When our hearts are lit up doing what we love, this enables us to trust ourselves, our intuition and move with intention from a place of total alignment.


Without a map how do you know the direction to your goals? I deliver personalised strategies for my clients unique goals to help them get from A to B. 


Ditch the excuses, tackle your fears and move into a soul-driven high-vibe way of thinking geared towards your success. You need this piece to confidently take action daily.


Ticking off your to-do list like a boss is how you reach your goals. It’s the consistent steps that add up to make the big picture reality – your wildly abundant business.

I’ve had the honour of helping loads of entrepreneurs, small businesses, creatives and coaches like you to skip the struggle to reach their big dream

Here are some of the wins I have witnessed with my clients:

  • Go from zero clients to completely booked out with far less effort in only three months
  • Quadrupled their number of Instagram followers, doubled their FB business page likes, tripled their email list and got their website ranked on google at the top!
  • Landed their first speaking gig after a single session with me, in front of their target audience.
  • Doubled their online orders and got their products on shelves in their local area.
  • Turned their passion into an income that pays the bills!

These results are thanks to my unique blend of Soul, Mindset, Strategy and Inspired Action with my no BS approach to creating a business that works for you and your life, one that feels good!


I currently live in Scotland! #aussieinscotland

I’m a high-functioning Autistic, which means my brain is my super-power (total strategy ninja who gets to the point fast)

I lived completely off-grid for 4 years, with no mobile phone reception in a rainforest, it’s our home in Australia

I’m all about sustainable living and doing things naturally, you should see my essential oil & herb collection!

I love nature, hiking, forests, horizons, mountains and chance encounters with wildlife – eagles being my favourite

Travelling is my drug of choice, I’ve been to over 37 countries and I’m still counting

Beyonce is Queen & I love to dance

I have two super cute kids and the most supportive husband in the world whom I adore

I’m a bit of a hippy – I meditate, journal, manifest like a boss, practice awareness, go to yoga and have far too many crystals 

One day I want to write a book (in fact, it’s currently underway)


I love supporting ambitious women just like you to build a wildly abundant business with a personalised roadmap, that feels good! Where you embrace & embody your new Rockstar Boss Status while smashing your goals. 


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