Welcome, I’m Lizzie

Writer, Educator & Storyteller

An adventurous Aussie country girl who has spent the last decade exploring and
disrupting the need to please and seek approval.


As a word traveller dedicated to a life of self-exploration, my philosophy is that life is for living and we all have the opportunity to make each and every day magical. 

It’s taken me a decade of self-inflicted people pleasing to realise how out of touch I was with myself. The only glimpses I saw of who I really was where when I was out in nature, breathing in fresh air that expanded my lungs, felt my body ache as I climbed mountains and my mind quiet. 

The noise stopped. I was no longer thinking about others needs first, the weight of responsibility that I placed on myself or feeling stagnant with no ability to move forward. 

It took three natural disasters for that life lesson to be delivered and I have been studying it ever since. All to enable others to rip down the limitations that are holding them back from living a life with passion and purpose. 


I’m a Writer and Educator working with people like you who are ready for the adventure within. To transform their lives, inside out.  I’m here to support you to get curious, listen to your innate wisdom, and find your path forward, the one that is hidden inside of you waiting to be rediscovered. I’m not here to fix you but to illuminate who you really are.

For the soul seekers I offer:

+ Individual 1:1 sessions that explore the internal wilderness – Soul Excursion
+ An intimate road trip into the depths of your heart, mind and soul – Embody Your Spirit
+ A community that are traversing the great unknown to seek out freedom – Adventurous Hearts 
+ A soulful self-discovery using my journal The People Pleaser’s Guide to Freedom eBook

For leaders & entrepreneurs, I offer:
+ Mindset and accountability with a personalised roadmap Biz Summit Experience

Plus an extensive & free library of blogs & podcast episodes here.


I’ve always been a rebel. My deep desire is to immerse myself in life’s rich experiences which have seen me evolve, change and move locations quite a lot. This might come across as if I’m constantly chasing something! When actually, experiencing life is how I learn, finding drops of wisdom in simple moments like – raising my children, adventuring in nature with my family, exploring the complexities of boundaries, while creating art,  writing and running a business. 

To me, the magic of life is not just collecting menial material things, ticking off lists or climbing some ladder. It’s about how we interact with the world to fill our hearts, the feeling when we choose happiness, embrace opportunities with open arms, living in the present moment which is always available to us. 

As it turns out I discovered my life lesson in those moments.  The most profound one is that deep connection to self was rooted in our minds & bodies and that this energetic partnership could support our wellbeing. 

During a six-month window, my business fell to pieces thanks to Australia’s worst ever bushfires, local flooding and Covid. I had hit rock bottom, there was nothing left of my pride, my confidence or determination. I was a big ugly mess on my couch. 

All I could do was write, write through the feelings, emotions, moments, lessons, situations. I had surrendered to what was unfolding around me, I stopped controlling, I listened to my inner nudges. It was code for me to TRUST MYSELF, in this moment, right now. 

I was done! I discovered that my life had revolved around everyone else’s needs, and I placed them before my own. I had become so aware of other people’s energy, reactions and body language, that I felt like I was suffocating. My anxiety was through the roof.

I had no choice but to unpacked it all, my beliefs, stories and habits to uncover I was a serial people pleaser, a bit of a perfectionist and had total imposter syndrome. The funny thing is my clients were facing the same issues as me. So, I dug deeper. 

After my own self-discoveries, learning, and further study I have infused my practical side with embodiment and mindfulness tools to strengthen my relationship to self. And this is now my work.

Mind and body work hand in hand!

Now, I am helping thousands of amazing women take charge of their lives, without the excuses or the need for approval. Through setting healthy boundaries, learning the art of saying NO, priortising their needs, mastering their mind and tuning into their bodies so they can live in their true essence and expression.

The work is deep, and profound!

Qualifications: Diploma of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Certificate in Positive Phycology, Certified Life Coach, Diploma of Graphic Design, Certificate of Fine Art


I currently live in Scotland! #aussieinscotland

I have two super cute kids and the most supportive husband in the world whom I adore

I love nature, hiking, forests, horizons, mountains and chance encounters with wildlife – eagles being my favourite

Travelling is my drug of choice, I’ve been to over 37 countries and I’m still counting

Beyonce is Queen & I love to dance

I’m all about sustainable living and doing things naturally, you should see my essential oil & herb collection!

I lived completely off-grid for 4 years, with no mobile phone reception in a rainforest, it’s our home in Australia

I’m a high-functioning Autistic, which means my brain is my super-power (total strategy ninja who gets to the point fast)

I’m a bit of a hippy – I meditate, journal, manifest like a boss, practice awareness, go to yoga and have far too many crystals 

One day I want to write a book (in fact, it’s currently underway)


If you are currently journeying through life, questioning self and looking to deepen your connection to mind & most importantly body. I would love to support you to illuminate your soul and it’s magic for a life that lights you up!


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