6 Tips for Entrepreneurs during Christmas Break

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With less than a week until Christmas and the holidays about to begin. It is so easy to get caught up in what is going on around you. I wanted to leave you a few tips to help give you get a head start in the new year and to also ensure your business is still working while you enjoy the holidays.

I tend to map out my time off at least six weeks out from Christmas. During those six weeks I plan and schedule all of my content. I work a little harder to ensure that my business is still moving along while I am enjoying family time.

During the Christmas break, I focus my energy and allow myself to just enjoy the simple things. It may sound bizarre but I often find that I actually use social media like a normal person in those couple of weeks. I comment and check out what my friends and family are up to. Leaving behind the need to analyze everything I see online – it’s often difficult when your profession is online to leave it behind.

Luckily for me, we go camping for seven days between Christmas and New Years and there is no phone reception it is bliss. I soak up the vibes at the Folk Music Festival during the day, do a few yoga classes and catch up with old friends. It really is too good. But I know that after that week I have five days left of my break and I need to be back in the game.

So I want to make sure that my business is ready for me to jump in while I am feeling refreshed. So here are my top six tips for Entrepreneurs during the Christmas Break.

Six Tips for Entrepreneurs during Christmas Break

  1. Inform your Clients/Suppliers and Staff

If you are planning to take a break during the Christmas holidays then you need to let people know. Start with your staff and let them know of their working arrangements if they are still working during that time or not. Organise with your suppliers which days that they can service your business at that time. As some of them also have holidays. Finally, your clients and customers need to know you are taking a break.

What I do is send out personal emails to people prior to Christmas letting them know that I have put up an auto-responder in my email. Something along the lines of; Hey, I won’t be checking my email as much but if it is urgent then I will reply as soon as I can. Anything that is not pressing will be handled when I am back in my office which is xyz. I always, always let them know the date I am back in the office.  This small detail may be the one thing people are hanging for.

If you have a business that has a shop front and you are closing down for the holidays do put up signs of your Christmas trading hours. And if you are stepping out from the business for a few days make sure that your staff are aware of how to contact you in case of an emergency.

2. Sort your finances

Before you go on holiday make sure you have paid all your bills. Plus organize any payments to be scheduled while you are out of the office like staff, phone bills or rent. Secondly, if you are working markets or have a shop front for your business it is really important to get a hold of enough change as many of the banks are closed during that week.

Finally, I use this time to do a quick recap of the year and to create a clear goal for the next year. I look at how much I made this year and develop a master plan for the next. If you haven’t planned out next year then I highly recommend you do my 5 day Plan Your Year Like A Boss Challenge – It’s FREE.

3. Clean up your Inbox

This is something I actually do weekly and honestly I love it. If you can set up folders in your email account then I highly recommend it. Once I read something and the email has done its course I actually file it away. I can always search for it later if I need it. The ones that I need to address they stay in my inbox. I try to get them sorted as quickly as possible, so I can move them out of my inbox. That way when you get back from your break you are not faced with a wall of endless emails. So good.

Also if you can configure your emails to be delivered directly to your folders it saves loads of time. I make sure that all the email lists that I have signed up to get delivered to one folder while my family and friends emails go to another.

4. Schedule your Blog Posts and Social

By taking a little extra time before the Christmas break to keep your social going it will save you loads of time when you want to dive back in after the new year. Becuase if you go quiet for a few weeks then you need to work twice as hard to climb back up to where you were prior to Christmas.

Now just a few little tips here for you. 1. One blog post a week is fine during the holiday season unless you are planning to launch something in the new year. 2. Stick to 3-5 posts on each of your social media platform a week.

5. Review Your Goals & Make New Ones

I often find that as we wrap up our year it is a great time for reflection. Take some time to go over your projects and see what worked and perhaps even make some notes as to how to better them. Come up with a few new ways to make money in your business for the new year. Write them down allow yourself to dream big.

If you want to review your business and make some new goals for the year I highly recommend participating in the Plan Your Year Like A Boss Challenge. 

6. Fill your Cup

This one is so important. When you take time out from your business it is important to give back to yourself. Yes, Christmas time is when you are hanging with family and friends but if you need some extra quiet time then you should seek it. Map out your commitments, perhaps do some extra yoga classes or sessions at home. Maybe do a cleanse to reset. Find a few things that will fill your cup while you are away from your business just for you.

Obviously, I am signing out from my business today until the new year. So I wish you a Happy Christmas and festive New Year. And if you are ready to do some business reflection then next week I have a surprise for you 🙂

Merry Christmas

Six Tips for Entrepreneurs during Christmas Break
Six Tips for Entrepreneurs during Christmas Break
Six Tips for Entrepreneurs during Christmas Break

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