6 Journal Prompts to Boost your Visibility

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Visibility is usually the number one thing that most entrepreneurs want but when it comes time to actually being visible and showing up many crumble at the thought. This is why there is so much work to do around being wildly visible and that is why I have created these journal prompts. 

Journaling has been a great tool for my own personal and business growth over the years, it’s helped me to work through my money blocks, to manifesting moving countries during a pandemic to facing my fears when it comes to sharing my own message. 

The key is always to write what you feel, what is in your head at the time without second-guessing what you are putting on paper. Then once you have gone through the process to go back and read it. In those words are your truths and this is where you can find the answers to unlock your behaviours so you can turn them around. 

So, let’s do this, time to show up and be wildly visible.


6 Journal Prompts to Boost Your Visibility


What does being Visible look like?

Each of us have unique answers to what visibility looks like, one might seek to be a best-selling author being featured on tv, radio, big stages yet others being visible is about running workshops, doing weekly live videos. So describe what you believe is ‘being visible in your business.

How could I be more Visible to reach more people?

What do you need to do to be seen, is it showing up consistently online, going live or attending a local networking event? Declare how you could show up for your business to boost its visibility?

What is stopping me from Boosting my Visibility? & Why

Dig deep, what do you say to yourself, how do you talk yourself out of following through with things you know will help grow your business. Lay the cards on the table, and witness yourself for a moment. Know that we have all been in this place and once we overcome what is stopping us we can move from a place of courage. So, what is stopping you from reaching more people and why?

What do I need to let go of to be more Visible?

What behaviours or patterns are you hanging on to that are keeping you safe from being seen? What excuses do you make that you need them? Dig deep here again. What do you need to let go of?

I am going to overcome my Visibility hurdles by …

Create some practices to support you to help you show up. How could you move in alignment with what you want to achieve in a way that feels nurturing to you? Perhaps you need to have a small dance party before you go live, an accountability buddy, a day off each week to plan out what you need to do or schedule in time to take action. Find what you need to take action and do more of that.

This week I am going to boost my Visibility BY DOING …

If you could do one thing right now to boost your visibility what would it be, is it reach out to a friend, a collaboration, pitch to be on a podcast? Choose one thing and schedule some time this week to make it happen.


Let me know if these journal prompts help support you and your business to be more visible 😉


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