The 14 Best Tools I Use as an Entrepreneur

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Want to know the secret behind my business? Here are the 14 best tools I use as an entrepreneur. I love anything that saves me time, keeps track of my business so I can grow and enhance my workflow.

I hope that some of these tools serve you and help make your website, content and social media experience better. They are all FREE and some of them have paid upgrades but the free options are just good.

The 14 Best Tools I Use as an Entrepreneur

Website Love


I love knowing where my website sits in Google. Alexa is a great tool to find out basic information about your Google rank, if you rank in a certain country and where, keywords that lead people to your site, websites that link to your website. I only check my stats here once a month while I grow my business.


Pingdom is a fantastic tool to check out your page speed. It offers guidance and suggestions as to how to improve your website. Recently I read that if your page doesn’t load within the first few seconds, you may lose a potential customer. It discourages people from using your site, so make sure your website is loading quickly and gets a good rating.

Image Optimisers (TinyJPG and Kraken)

Optimising your images before you upload them to your website is a great way to keep your page speed high to please the Google gods. Before you upload any PNG file run it through Kraken and for all your JPEG needs use TinyJPG.

Image Creation

Image Editors Canva and Picmonkey

Depending on what I need to do, I alternate between Canva and Picmonkey to craft beautiful images for my website along with all my templates, buttons and Pinterest images. Picmonkey is a great tool for resizing images, cropping and doing simple text overlays. If you need something more in-depth, Canva offers you  Facebook header, to PDF documents, social media templates, and loads more.

Business Management

Google Drive 

I keep all my business documents and communications with clients in Google Drive. I can create form, docs, spreadsheets and even craft great email signatures. So many people are now using it as their go to and it’s a no brainer when sharing documents, photos with others.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free tool that can be used to grow your website by analyzing your website’s statistics. Understand your who your audience is, where they live, what devices they use to view your website, acquisition and user flow.

Email Marketing


I have been using MailChimp for 9 years and have always liked it when you have less than 2000 subscribers it is absolutely FREE. Plus now you can also use the Automation sequences (which use to be a paid feature). Great for beginners but if you plan on growing and getting big recommendations I get are Convert kit, Active Campaign and Aweber.

Killer Content

Keyword Planner

Craft your blog posts with care by choosing the right keyword. Google’s keyword planner sits in Google Adwords and is a free tool that helps you analyze the potential searchability of your topic. Getting this right will help you rank better in Google and will help your content be found.


Keep your site free from grammatical mistakes and spelling mistakes with Grammarly. It’s a fantastic tool that has transformed my blog posts from wild rants that my mother would shake her head at to the correct usage of commas and spelling that makes her smile.


Get your SEO right for each page and blog post you do with Yoast, a free plugin for WordPress. It gives a green light signal when you have nailed the SEO checklist. Plus you can also input your keyword and edit your snippet that Google uses when search engines display your content. Don’t use WordPress, don’t worry I have heard good things about WebTextTool for Squarespace if you are using that.

Social Media


A great way to have social media sharing buttons on the side of your blog posts. Get more shares, likes, and pins, and build your traffic. Plus you can also use it to create multiple opt-ins that point back to MailChimp since MailChimp is not always that user-friendly.


This is my favourite Instagram scheduling app. I have tried Planoly, Hootsuite, Iconsquare and have nothing compares to Later. Later is great you can set your posts and when you paste it over to Insta it stays the same. Plus you can still preview your grid because you know how much I love creating my gallery. And if you didn’t know later also schedules Facebook posts. I am yet to dive into this component as I use the inbuilt Facebook scheduler for those. Also, I need to mention you can use it on your desktop too!


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