10 Podcast Episodes to Get you Through the Christmas Break

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Ready to move into 2019? Well, I have a playlist of incredible women sharing tips and tricks to help you through the festive season but also to kick-start next year.

Here are the top 10 episodes of the Wild Success Podcast that made an impact this year.


Number 10 – #7 How To Use Instagram To Engage Your Audience with Ellie Swift

For many business owners keeping up with social media can often feel like a never-ending battle. And on this episode, I talk with Ellie Swift who is going to shed some light on Instagram, hashtags and the apps we should be using.  Ellie Swift, is a Mindset & Marketing Coach, Social Media Strategist, who works with ambitious women seeking more – whether it’s building their online service-based business or taking their social media to the next level.

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Number 9 – #31 Morning Routines with Lina Skukauskė

Oprah, Richard Branson & Barack Obama all have morning routines and so do many inspiring entrepreneurs that I follow. There must be something good about it. I talk with Lina Skukauskė about how we can incorporate a beautiful morning routine into our lives to start our day with intention. Lina Skukauskė is a Self-belief Coach and Energy Psychology practitioner who helps awakening women through mindset shifts, increased self-awareness & gorgeous self-care practices she leads creative, heart-centered women to fully trust their intuition & Divine guidance, own their gifts and change the world for the better through unique expression of their souls.

Number 8 – #37  Anxiety And How To Manage It With Hollie Azzopardi

Anxiety in business is real. We often fall into the trap of overdoing and pushing ourselves to reach goals instead of tuning in to our bodies. I talk with Holli Azzopardi about anxiety and how to manage it while running a business. Hollie is a leading Australian wellness influencer, intuitive, speaker and writer – teaching men and women globally to love themselves, and live their dreams.

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Number 8 – #32 Mindful Running with Carmen Low

Do you run to clear your mind from work? Are you consciously doing it or are you pushing yourself with unnecessary pressure? I talk with Carmen Low about how to incorporate mindful running into your life to help you clear your mind but also bring in a level of awareness into your life. Carmen is about all things Mindful – in Coaching, Running and Living. She is a running and a life coach. She is teaching women how to be more present in their daily lives and is using running as a platform to slow down.

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Number 7 – #35 Positive Psychology with Nikki Ayres

How one small act of creating an affirmation to share in the office lead Nikki Ayres into a successful career in wellness. We talk about positive psychology and how we can use our minds as our greatest tool to attract abundance and follow our dreams. Nikki is an international speaker, retreat host, coach and yoga teacher. Plus she is my daily morning hit of inspiration with her Instagram stories either dancing or hula hooping.

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Number 4 – #2 How To Tap Into Your Soul Purpose With Erica Carrico

Your soul purpose is calling you. It’s time to answer it and I talk with Erica Carrico a certified career shifter and life coach, free spirit and world traveler about how to uncover your true purpose so you can finally earn a living doing what you absolutely love. rica has a Bachelor of Science in Psychology, a Master of Science in Nonprofit Management, a life-coaching certification, 12+ years experience with people making career changes through international recruitment and living her purpose through nonprofit leadership, 2 successful career changes under her belt, and knows her purpose here on earth is to help you live yours.

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Number 3 – #8 Setting Non-Negotiables With Mandy Sciacchitano

Raise your energy by creating and setting non-negotiables to enhance your life and business. I talk with Mandy Sciacchitano and we are running a mini-workshop about setting non-negotiables – what they are and how to incorporate them into your life. Mandy coaches women to reveal the blocks in their relationships with food + their own bodies so that they can feel sane around food and at peace with their reflections.

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Number 3 – #19 How To Plan Your Next Photo Shoot With Emma Wiseman

Planning a photo shoot? I talk with Emma Wiseman about brand photography and what it takes to make great images, what you need to do on the day of the photo shoot and of course land the right photographer for you. Emma is an award-winning wedding, brand and lifestyle photographer who left Ireland to travel the world. She has a degree in Fashion Design and has worked in the fashion industry for three years before becoming a photographer.

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Number 2 – #33 How a tragic event led to creating a business with love with Emma Patrick

When life deals you a hard knock and how it can change your life forever. Today I talk with Emma Patrick about how her business Ava Jewels was born after the loss of her daughter. Emma is a jeweler, yoga teacher and women’s circle facilitator.  Her incredible journey through life is like a patchwork of events and learnings. Emma believes that Life is a journey, and it’s what you make of the ups and downs that truly define your experience of it.

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Number 1 – #30 3 Tips To Be Your Best Self In Business With Carol Robinson

Three tips to be more grounded in your business and live life to the fullest. I talk with Carol Robinson, a make-up artist who weaved her story with many threads. She shares her incredible journey and how she embraces life to the fullest. I met Carol over a month ago at a networking event and I saw her speak and she lit me up. I love meeting people on the same vibration as me. Who love life and live to share it with others. She touched my heart and I knew I had to have her on the show.

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Enjoy the list of amazing episodes to tune into over the Christmas break to you get you fired up and ready for 2019.

See you next year




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