10 Gift Ideas for Your Biz Bestie (AKA – kick-ass female entrepreneur – boss babe!)

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I love this time of year as we head into Christmas. This weekend we will be putting up our tree and¬†I¬†can’t wait and soon the gifts will start appearing under it in preparation for the big day.¬† But that doesn’t mean that my favourite biz gal pals are not on my shopping list.

As an entrepreneur my Christmas party is usually me each Friday night with a glass of red wine celebrating the end of the week. Ok, I do this most weeks but during the lead up to Christmas I often wish I had an office that I share with my favourite biz babes and we got together to exchange gifts and well drink too much wine.

I have put together a list of gift that I think a few of my biz besties would love, so that would easily post and while others would have to wait till in-person to deliver.

take a peek

10 Gift Ideas for Your Biz Bestie

Agate Desk Clock: I am so in love with this clock myself but I reckon it would make an amazing piece on any one of my biz besties desk. Plus the properties of Teal Agate on your desk radiating tranquility and peace Рneed I say more. Click Here to order now.

Mandala Phone Case: We live on our phones now and I think it is important to make our phone look smart but also something that we want to pick up and use. I love this mandala phone case and I reckon it will have plenty of people asking where did it come from. Click Here to find out more.

Timber Desk Organiser: This desk organiser is beautiful and yet so practical and would neaten up an office or perhaps our OCD biz besties would approve of something that they can sort into it! I know I could definitely organise some pens, clips and staples in to it. Click Here to buy now. 

Boss Babe Mug: An essential to my desk is having my cup of tea next to me at all times. I totally think this boss babe mug is a killer and would make a great Christmas present. Click Here to see more.

Grit by Angela Duckworth: This incredible book is a must-read for any female entrepreneur who is wanting to grow their business. Especially if their business is their passion. Click Here to order a copy.

The Gifts of Imperfection by Brene Brown: Your biz bestie might be craving a little enlightenment over the Christmas break and this book will surely deliver. Brene discusses embracing your passions and owning who you really are and will leave you fired up to start next year. Order your copy now.

Boho Leather Journal Diary: Every gal loves a place to write down inspiring thoughts or grand business schemes. This beautiful journal will no doubt prompt much greatness. Click Here to see more.

Balancing Oil by Doterra: Essential oils make such great presents and depending on your Biz Bestie you can choose multiple concoctions that may inspire, bring calm or even to motivate. I personally love the Doterra range. Click Here to browse.

Boho Laptop Bag: Want your Biz Bestie to feel like she is the most stylish person at her local cafe with this beautiful boho laptop bag. I know I want one to parade about. Click Here to check out the shop.

Gold Weekly Desk Planner: This beautiful desk planner will keep you organised year-round and also be a great feature to your office.  I personally love desk planners, it is where I write down notes or wild ideas that would be great for a blog post. Click here to take a peek.

I would love to know which one of these items you would love for Christmas this year?

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