Why Create a Blog for Business?

Fact – your blog is the foundation of your brand. It’s the best way to get your name out there and to help people get to know you.

Blogging has evolved a lot over the last ten years once a tool for people to journal their deepest thoughts online to now a powerful digital marketing tool which helps businesses build a rapport with their customers all while improving SEO (search engine optimisation).

I like to think of blogging as the key to all your content creation. A blog that is updated weekly with fresh and valuable content can then be shared around on all of your social media channels along with your newsletter.  So I spend most of my energy around what content I want to share with my loyal fans. Then I create it just for them.


It helps your potential and dream clients get to know you better. When you create a blog post that is authentically written you are slowly taking down the walls of people seeing your true self. I have read numerous times that people love to get to know the person behind the brand or business. Take some time adding the personal touch to your writing so people understand you and your business better.

Creating blog posts that demonstrate why you are an expert in your field are a fantastic way to show-off your skills. Not only do the people reading your material understand that you know what you are talking about they will also believe that you can help them.

Deliver valuable content that educates and motivates your dream clients. Blog posts are a great way to help your clients by answering questions that they might have or address any fears to motivate them around your niche. For example, as a business coach, I write a lot of how-to posts about the behind the scenes stuff, SEO, marketing, nurture sequences yet I also do blog posts around mindset to inspire my dream clients.

Each time you create new content for your website you are improving your SEO. Ah huh. Search engines love sites that are fresh and by adding a new blog post weekly or fortnightly you keep your site fresh and active. The other great way it improves your SEO is that in your blog post you have keywords that Google is searching for.  You can also specify these when writing your post, this post’s keywords is ‘create a blog for business’, so next time someone enters that phrase into google, I hope that my listing for that page moves up the line as my business grows. Then I will gain extra hits from a search engine.

Finally, you create content to share through digital marketing (social media and newsletters). The beauty of creating your own content on your website and sharing it is just another way to get people to your website. Each blog post doesn’t have to be a sales page but it can simply encourage them to look around your site when they get there – which means they get to know you and your brand better.

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Blogging for business is now seen as WIN WIN for everyone you the business owner can share more of you and your message and your potential customers get to know you better.

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