5 Tips to Create a Work Space You Love

Working from home has its challenges but I have five tips to create a work space you love that will make you feel like you have lucked out with your dream job.

It doesn’t matter if you have a whole room as your office or just a desk in a corner. A designated work space is key when working at home. The tips below are all about improving your productivity while in that space.

Detox Your Space

Clean up and clear out all the unnecessary items in your office or work space that you really don’t use or are not practical. Start by going through your draws, shelves, those pesky piles of paper that you have been meaning to get too. Don’t forget to put the kid’s toys far away and that collection of glasses that keep you hydrated need to be reduced to just one. Keep your essentials and discard the rest.

Bring Positive Vibes In 

Now that you have a clean slate, take some time to put up some of your favourite quotes, pictures on the walls, an oil burner on a table or even a nice piece of clear quartz next to your desk. What ever you need around you to stay positive and focused when it comes time to work.

Just remember that less is more, only have items that really inspire you and don’t take up all your space. A clear space equals clear thinking. I am not sure where I heard that it could be feng shui but I really believe that a minimalist approach is golden.

Dream Big

I can not stress this one the most. Set yourself up with a vision board – right now if you don’t have one. Put your vision board in front of you while you are working or right next to you. Put your clear goals on it, what you want your business to look like, feel like, what you want your life to look like or even the house you wish to buy one day. It is your board and if you don’t own what you wish to create, how can you create it??

Bring the outside inside

If you can open your windows, doors and allow fresh air to come into your space you will find it easier to think. Team it up with a few plants that bring greenery to your space and life. You are going to be set up for super creativity (well, ok, I love being surrounded by plants). Right now I have three plants in my office space. I have a routine every day of watering them before I start work.

Sort out your computer

While you are sorting and filing, make an effort to clean up your computer’s files, make sure that they are organised into folders that are easy to find. You never know when you will need that document you downloaded six months ago.

Since you are making every thing look good too, why not change your desktop wall paper to something calming or motivational. I have just ditched the family photo for something more inspiring. So every time you open up that laptop you are hit with power.

Bonus tip: restart your computer while you are at. So often we don’t turn off our computers and there is a back log of updates waiting to erupt, let them rip.

I hope all the things on this list will help you create a beautiful space for you to work in. And if you don’t have a designated office or work desk just yet, seek out space like a coffee shop, park or even your back yard that could work as an ideal space for your productive time.

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  1. Love this!! It honestly makes such a difference to the work you put out when it’s coming from a beautiful and inspiring space! Just yesterday I bought some more crystals, a salt lamp, and some lovely inspiration cards for my space. LOVE IT!

    1. That all sounds amazing, I really need to get some inspiration cards, I am still relying on my Tarot cards for monthly insights.

  2. This delights me no end. 🙂 After cleaning out the granny flat last week, today I walked inside and felt so peaceful and happy to see clean spaces ready for me to create in. I still need to organize a few boxes of stuff, but I’m getting closer!

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